Lose yourself for the gospel

lose yourself for gospel

When it comes time to teaching my high school students what “paradox” means, I turn to the gospels because Jesus relished using them. How can you lose yourself and thus find yourself? It doesn’t make immediate sense, and the carnal mind will never comprehend.

God doesn’t work by contract. He doesn’t tell us what all the perks are. He expects us to live by faith. Your boss, on the other hand, is probably not going to give you a dime more than what’s in the contract. When you serve God, He simply asks you to lose yourself for the gospel.

Then He blesses you more than you can imagine. Of course, if you scoff at this and don’t try it out, you will never see the spiritual law activated when you give to God.

4 responses to “Lose yourself for the gospel

  1. “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Nate Saint

  2. Reminds me of seeing a bird in a cage solve the problem of getting a piece of food from the next cage. The food was out of reach, except it had a string tied to it that reached into the bird’s cage.

    The researchers were ecstatic when the bird figured out it could get the food by pulling the string. The reason they said this was so indicative of intelligence was due to the fact that the bird understood it could get the food…by moving away from it as it pulled the string.

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