Expecting God

IMG_0241Gideon seriously doubted that God could use him:

  • He questioned why the angel addressed him as “mighty man of God.”
  • He questioned his pedigree and his capability.
  • He asked for a sign twice, in opposite ways from one day to the next.
  • He needed to hear the enemy prophecy his victory.

Despite his doubts, God moved through him greatly. With 300 men, he defeated the Midianites.

As I venture out for a second time in my life to start a church, I have more confidence that God will move. He is blessing each step.

Today, he gave me a free dinner. Some Egyptians in the apartment complex I manage gave me food. Since my wife and kids are still in Santa Monica (until the end of the school year), this is tremendous blessing because I can pretty much cook only scrambled eggs for myself.

If you look for problems on every side, you will find them. If you look for God’s blessing at every point, you will find them. If you expect God to move, He will be happy with your faith. If you doubt His backing, He may move anyhow.

15 responses to “Expecting God

  1. Expecting God to move! Yes. I’ve recently been trying to expect His goodness. He doesn’t disappoint 😎

  2. You need a copy editor on this one…

    “Mighty man of God” and Midianite are two needed corrections I see.

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  3. Oh, and the enemy prophesies…

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  4. God’s provision for you is abundant!

  5. Amen! Very true indeed! He has been backing me in every way possible. He is a Mighty God, still doing miracles everywhere! God bless you ☀️

  6. Looking forward to hearing what God will do next in your life!

  7. You will do well. God is with you.

  8. I especially like the last paragraph, first sentence. You certainly are sure to find whatever you look for! Like a golfer pre-occupied with a sand trap…and sends it directly there.

  9. Keep us posted with your church plant! Hope your family would join you soon!

  10. Praise the Lord for His blessing and provision. And may God bless you every day in every way…especially as you wait for the rest of your family.

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