The worst of sinners make the best of saints

wretch of sin

John Newton was a wicked man, a slave trader. But a severe storm off the coast of Ireland brought him to his knees and conversion. Years later, the wretch showed his gift. He penned the words to the most-loved Christian hymn, Amazing Grace. Behind the evil, there was a calling, a destiny and talent.

Paul persecuted the church. Aside from Satan, he was probably the early church’s #1 enemy. Then he met Jesus on the road to Damascas. He became the gospel chief propagandist and most avid evangelizer. He wrote the greatest defense and explication of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone in the book of Romans.

Are you rotten today? Salvation is a circuit breaker. We are broken by sin, but with the simplest of prayers, the light comes on in our lives. Then all the good we were destined to bring to this world begins to flow out.

6 responses to “The worst of sinners make the best of saints

  1. Such a beautiful post Sir, thank you!

  2. BRILLIANT! Shared on FB and twitter! Hope things are progressing well!

  3. That’s very true…

  4. I thoroughly agree with the intent of what you wrote, but I also feel our cause would be better served with fewer typos/grammatical errors. Divine truth deserves the very best!

  5. Amen! Salvation is a circuit breaker. Amazing examples of how Jesus changes hearts and lives. Thanks!

  6. A very true observation and well worded 🙂
    It may seem a little cliche as often as it is sung and used, but I love that and Be Thou My Vision the most.
    Thank you!

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