The answer is not percocet

Jesus bridges the gap

We know pain — all of us. But we don’t know the answer. No, it is not to lose yourself in falling in love or the emotional highs of rock concert. It’s not travel, fashion or achievements.

The answer is Jesus. The root cause of our inner hurt is the inborn separation from God due to sin. The path to joy, peace, love, fulfillment is Jesus.


7 responses to “The answer is not percocet

  1. I have been tapped by my pastor at Faith Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, North Carolina to give the sermon on May 29th. “Do you remember the day, the moment, you accepted Christ as your Savior ?” It will be my personal testimony. Some of us are called in a big way, some in a little way but this is my Big Way.

  2. A big AMEN to this one, for sure!

  3. Precisely. Well said.

  4. I was waiting for you to say Valium. Fortunately, your answer was even better! 🙂

  5. Beautiful… have a joyful day… Aquileana ✨☺️

  6. Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome

    Amen ❤

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