No Shangri La

shangri-laAt times, it’s good to remember that as much as we strive to bring Heaven to Earth, this is no Shangri La. We Christians are a poor reflection of the love of Christ — and His forgiveness.

The humanists have accused of us trashing Mother Earth because our worldview tells us Heaven is our permanent dwelling. Actually, I’m somewhat of an environmentalist myself. But it’s important to note that the greatest utopias have produced the worst hellholes. In the name of achieving unity, harmony and perfection specifically without God, the atheist leaders around the world have killed:

  • China 60 million.
  • Soviet Union 20 million.
  • Cambodia 2 million
  • North Korea 2 million
  • Ethiopia 1.7 million
  • Afghanistan 1.5 million
  • Eastern Bloc 1 million
  • Vietnam 1 million
  • Latin America 150,000 (Source)

The next time someone spills bile about Christianity’s supposed culpability for Crusades (1 million over 177 years) or the Spanish Inquisition (1,250 over 350 years). If people would study the facts without bias, there would be a lot less finger pointing at the religion that has freed people more than anything.

The human heart longs for a Shangri La, but human efforts to establish one here on Earth have failed horrifically.


5 responses to “No Shangri La

  1. Whenever religion and politics unite there will be persecution. And you are right, man’s ideas usually end up that way too. It is a sad world we live in, but God can give us peace. I have to ask God for peace every day, because for me, this world is scary and I’m a big wimp.

  2. Atheistic Statism is one of the most dangerous worldviews out there as the numbers shown in your post.

  3. The kingdom of God is within and his government has no end; we get on his shoulders and the gates of hell cannot prevail; his enemies under our feet in Him! Jesus defeated every enemy, the last being death itself, disarmed the powers and principalities on the cross and as we learn to abide in Christ as he abides is us, his Vine connecting heaven and earth in us, we fruit and share our fruit with all we meet expanding His kingdom and planting seeds in others that God grows! To God be the glory now and forever and ever Amen! Hallelujah!!

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