Tuna out of a can for #ValleyBoyPastor


My sentiments definitely lie with the simplify-life crowd. But while my wife sees out the school year in Santa Monica with my kids, I’m starting our new gig apartment managing in Van Nuys with some Spartan furnishings. All I have are chairs for the Bible study, to which no one has attended yet.

So I’m eating tuna out of can because I don’t yet have a refrigerator. Please don’t think I’m suffering. I was missionary in Guatemala, and I beg to differ — I’m living luxury. I have a cot and a sleeping bag.

And I have a friend. Alex invited me over for dinner last night, but I had already eaten, so I didn’t know how I could fit it in. Luckily, I was able largely due to the fact that it was super delicious.

It’s good to have friends. You might have gobs of cash, but if you don’t have true friends, you’re slumping in poverty. Alex is a fellow Christian, and the handyman at my apartment. We’ve already watched soccer together!

I remember that I cried when I was in Guatemala alone with my wife for Christmas and Sister Lizette, without even really knowing us, invited us for dinner. I cried tears of joy because we were experiencing loneliness. So by significant measure, we already doing much better than our first church-planting venture — I already have a good friend.

17 responses to “Tuna out of a can for #ValleyBoyPastor

  1. Was thinking last week about Isaac and Ishmael. Both were from the same Father yet both were remarkably different. Ishmael by the world’s standards was most successful with his 12 sons, their towns and cities. Isaac on the other hand waited 20 years for a family and the two boys were a disappointment in differing ways. Yet the Bible says something about Isaac that is not recorded if Ishmael, he was”blessed”. This is what counts. Divine favour whether we are rich or poor, living for eternity not for time. ‘ Where Jesus is tis heaven there’

  2. Rich indeed. And may you have many more friends!

  3. Great picture, made me laugh! 🙂 And may the seats be filled for bible study, so many are thirsty and hungry for God, yet don’t know it is God they are hungry for! Send them into the chairs Father!

  4. Your honesty is always so delightful.

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