But there are giants in the land #ValleyBoyPastor

IMG_0367(1)Anytime you want to do something GOOD, major opposition looms.

If, however, you want to do something BAD, the path forward is a glittery and easy speedway.

What scared the Israelites and sent them back into the desert for 40 years, what kept them from their destiny, were giants. These guys were 9-feet tall — and there was no NBA back then. The whining spies said they felt like cockroaches compared to them.

It can be intimidating to do ministry. But God can knock those giants down. The taller they are, the harder the fall, as David found.

I’ve moved to Van Nuys to open a Bible study and possibly parlay it into a church. I’ve found the giant already. I’ve learned you have to stare down giants.

21 responses to “But there are giants in the land #ValleyBoyPastor

  1. “If, however, you want to do something BAD, the path forward is a glittery and easy speedway.”

    Now isn’t that the truth?? It’s a bit like the rest of life. Before you start anything good for yourself like a diet and exercise program, they want you to consult with your doctor, make sure it’s safe! But if you want to eat two pounds of cheetohs and half a chocolate cake, there are no obstacles in your way. I’ve never seen that on a bottle of wine either or a 5th of whiskey. No where does it say, “remember always consult with a doctor before consuming large amounts of alcohol,” but my jump rope sure had that tag on it, in red letters, too.

    Sorry about the giant. I hope you don’t have to ping him with a sling shot, but I’ve heard that can be effective.

  2. Marisa Ulrich

    Slaying giants has been on the brain for me lately. Good words. Thank you.

  3. God Sees Everything

    Be faithful, strong and Do not be afraid. Remember when you do the work of God- you’re really looking “down” on the giants. For then you are with God.

  4. And when you do stare them down, the milk and honey of the land shall be yours.

  5. So you’re relocating from Santa Monica… I work in Van Nuys, get your sling and smooth pebbles David, the “giants” are numerous. God’s blessings and anointing on you my brother.

  6. Sorry… Misunderstanding. I pastor in Los Angeles but I still work a secular trade in van nuys until 7/31, then I’m hanging the ladder and tool belt up.

  7. Pretty much south central. We were using a local school auditorium for several years however the school’s administration changed and we were ousted by budget cuts etc (we were literally paying no rent), but once I retire from At&t a friend of our ministry has a place we can use but it needs a lot of work. Guess what we’ll be doing this summer.

  8. The past few weeks we’ve been visiting and fellowshipping with another ministry but our desire is once we clean up the new facility to delve into full time ministry as the Lord directs. Oh, those giants you talked about surely are apparent.

  9. Good for you! Keep glaring at that giant! Victory in Jesus, our Savior forever…

  10. I love the post and the testimony therein. I’m so inspired.

  11. No good deed goes unpunished. If you’re getting spanked, well…GOOD JOB!! By the way, the chocolate cake thing is valid. You know my stance on chocolate! The Cheetos…not so much.

  12. May the Lord use you to reach the lost in SFV…

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