Well, that was easy #ValleyBoyPastor gets first people in his Bible study


After three Bible studies with 0 in attendance, 5 people came today. I was blessed to host my neighbors, a family. It was wonderful to help them find Mark. I hope they soon find Jesus.

This venture into Van Nuys is taking me out of luxurious Santa Monica. My family likes the beachside city with cool breezes in the summer, but my eyes are caulking with glaze after I sit in church and hear sermon after sermon. God has called me to be on the playing field, not in the bleachers. So when my pastor spoke to me about the possibility of apartment-managing in Van Nuys, I considered it in prayer and meditation for about a nano second and begged and pleaded on my knees volunteered for the job.

I suppose the previous manager did me a huge favor. She was, um, a tad grumpy. So by contrast, I come off as a saint. Maybe I’m in the honeymoon stage of the job, but I can see palpably the distinct advantage of starting a church by apartment managing. Instead of trying to build relationship with people who have their guard up, the position gives me instant rapport: I’m not after something. I have a job to do — serve them. If I serve them the way Jesus would want me to, they might be happy. In turn, this has the potential to predispose them to an openness of coming to a Bible study.

The Bible study message: repentance, it’s not as bad as it seems.

I want to thank all of you for prayer. Your prayers are working miracles in the hearts of men.


15 responses to “Well, that was easy #ValleyBoyPastor gets first people in his Bible study

  1. Praise God! This lovely family is the first fruits of your labor. Wow, what a wonderful thing it must be to work for the Lord like this. Yes, the previous manager did do you a favor. Lol

  2. Yes! Father thank you! More Lord! We thank and bless what you are doing in Van Nuys!!

  3. Hallelujah, May God be with you and may you lead his people to him. Amen

  4. Like I’ve said before, you read to me like the book of Acts. St. Paul does this, does that, makes tents…whatever. Well done, you! God is with you!!

  5. I’m so excited! God answers prayer from PA to CA đŸ™‚

  6. Praise Jesus! Keep them coming, Lord!

  7. So Beautiful. Pray for me too. God wants me to get out there and start something; I need financing and support.

  8. My heart is encouraged with every post you share. One by one, by God’s grace they will come. Sheep need a shepherd, and you’re gifted for a special job. Praise the Lord!

  9. Praise the living God!

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