This cat has forgotten what it is

Cats are supposed to hunt rats, not the reverse. Cats are not supposed to be chased, intimidated or harassed by rats. The nature of the cat is to hunt and dominate rats, but apparently it can be lulled out of its instinct by being spoiled.

So too the Christian is not supposed to be pushed around by the devil. It is their nature, their spiritual DNA, to hunt and kill devils, to free sinners from demons’ oppression. But we can be lulled out of our very nature. When we look for self-pleasing and self-blessing, we forget who we are. Then this rat becomes a picture of the devil chasing us around.

7 responses to “This cat has forgotten what it is

  1. Excellent point, but I think you mean “free sinners FROM demons’ oppression.” I have long maintained that if believers ever wake up to who they are in Christ, the whole world will be changed!

  2. Amen! Victory in Jesus! Kick that devil in the teeth and stomp on him…constantly!

  3. I have seen this video numerous times but I love your analogy of who we are in Christ as a backdrop. Powerful!

  4. Knowing who we are in Christ! I wrote a post recently of who I am in Christ. It complements this, maybe you can check it out? God bless you for this post

  5. What a good analogy

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