Overlooking offenses


Proverbs 19:11 praises you as a strong person if you are able to overlook an offense. Latin American hero Simón Bolivar said the greatest revenge was to forget the offense. In others, don’t validate it by giving it attention or credibility.

Of course this is very hard to do, and if you are able, you are an incredible human being. The rest of us are shooting as best we can for the goal.

5 responses to “Overlooking offenses

  1. The wonderful thing about overlooking an offense is the peace and happiness it brings to yourself and the other person too. God’s ways are always the way to peace.

  2. Encouraging…and good timing. Thanks.

  3. Ha! The Holy Spirit literally brought someone to my remembrance about 30 minutes ago and said, “Forgive him.”

    The words filled my heart and out of my mouth I prayed in the spirit (in tongues), but in my heart I spoke the words in English and afterwards HS said, “You just released him and he will feel it.”

    I know He means that he will feel my forgiveness towards him in his spirit–my friend is a brother in Christ.

    I love our Abba!

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