Change is good, but eternity is better

God is eternal

Change is good. We shouldn’t stay with the errors of the past. But some change-lovers go too far: they want to change the unchanging Word of God. It’s value lies not in an evolving interpretation subject to winds of change. It’s value lies in its unchanging nature.

You can’t modify God’s injunctions, no matter how much you would wish to see otherwise. There are good, profound and correct reasons that some sins cannot be taken off the sin list. Christianity is not like building code or constitutional updates. God doesn’t need to rewrite the code to patch vulnerabilities.

The beauty of the Word of God is its perfection, its immutability, its eternity. What was true thousands of years ago is still true today. It’s universal. There are things that are difficult for us moderns to understand. I’m sure the ancients felt the same way — maybe towards the things that we really do understand.

7 responses to “Change is good, but eternity is better

  1. Truth made so clear, beautiful and simple. Thanks! I’m sharing.

  2. wow! we can’t change the unchanging word of God! Truth

  3. Very true, but you might want to change “say way” to “same way.” Also, the poster says “evolves,” which to me is problematical, since the primary proponents of evolution try to cut God out of the discussion.

  4. “Man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart.” People may do things that make us think they are not saved, but I think we can leave that to God. If a person truly believes what they are doing is not a sin, why should we worry about it. “It is before his own master he will rise or fall.” If they are sinning, the Holy Spirit will convict them eventually.

    “We can and should point everyone to the Master. Let Him do the work of sanctification. I honestly believe Christians are pickier than God. Sometimes it takes years for us to learn the things of God, but He is patient. We humans are not patient. We tend to think people have to obey a set of rules before we can accept them as Christians. But when they asked Jesus, “What must we do to be doing the work of God? He answered, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”

    I don’t say a church shouldn’t have their standards and rules. That is up to each church. Paul had rules about the church and that’s fine, but let us not ever judge those who don’t belong to our membership. Personally, I wouldn’t want to join a church again. Churches want us all to act the same, talk the same and believe exactly the same. No thanks. I’d visit a church, but never join one.

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