Modern massacre

Viewers have called this video “surprising,” “gross,” “informative,” “accurate,” and “inhuman.” Can you bear to watch it? And this goes on regularly in the United States of America. Why do we fight for everybody’s right except for babies’? Why does “inconvenience” trump babies’ right to life?

11 responses to “Modern massacre

  1. I’ve seen it before, couldn’t bear to watch it again. Our country will not get away with this forever.

  2. advocarebylori

    This video made me cry. So thankful that we have a loving God, full of grace.

  3. I like that the information is getting out. Many “pro-choice” people really have no idea what they are approving.

  4. Sometimes people fight in order to be seen and appreciated; the unborn surely cannot give us the thumbs up we want.

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  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you. Shared it and will continue to share it. Thank you.


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