Handfuls on purpose: God’s blessing on finances

God FinancesFinances are a dreary necessity that underpin the true joy of saving souls. I don’t believe that God’s main purpose is to bless His people. Yes, we are children of the King, but the Child of King didn’t have a home, much less a bank account.

Having disavowed the prosperity gospel heretics, I would wish to proceed with a balanced exposition on finances. I was struck by this reading Ruth: Let fall also some of the handfuls on purpose for her, and leave them, that she may glen them. (Ruth 2:16).

Boaz is a picture of Christ because he redeems her from deplorable poverty. Gleaning was a back-breaking job: 12 hours under the blistering sun only to pick up enough grains for one meal. Boaz makes the decision to improve her lot significantly.

We can, therefore, ask God in prayer to drop “handfuls on purpose” for our ministries.

5 responses to “Handfuls on purpose: God’s blessing on finances

  1. I like the definition of prosperity that God gives us everything we need to work for His kingdom. So, although I agree with your premise that God’s main purpose for us is not our particular temporary corporeal comfort, yet I would not discount His amazingly creative grace in this area either.

  2. Brilliant! I’m asking God to drop handfuls on purpose for your ministry.

  3. It looks like the Lord has just dropped a pretty big handful on us, and we’re in the middle of seeking how He wants us to use it in ministry.

  4. Interesting insights here…. a fine reading, as always…. best wishes. Aquileana 🔆.

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