Let God’s light break in on your darkness

God's light

My daughter likes the dark. I’m always turning on lights, and she goes around turning them off.

Some people persuade themselves that they like the dark. But after the fake fun wears off, then there’s the Word of God ready to enthrall your heart.

I’m glad God broke into my darkness. Inexpressible joy and peace displaced the depression and loneliness in my heart.

Oh, I’m not immune to depression and loneliness, but there’s a difference between a superficial, temporal bout and a chronic, acute case.

The greatest irony of Christianity is that people are absolutely convinced that they don’t want, like, need what they really want, like, need.

7 responses to “Let God’s light break in on your darkness

  1. Amen Hallelujah God Bless you my dear friend. As John 1.5 says The light shines in the darkness and darkness has not overcome it. Amen

  2. Living alone in a remote cabin one does have his ‘dark’ days. But it never seems to fail that sometime during that day God displays his handiwork for me and his light washes away the darkness.

  3. AMEN! As a matter of fact, my message title for this coming Sunday is “Light and Darkness.”

  4. Joseph saju pm

    Words of jesus can heal and making possible the impossible…..in my life.

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