What possibly could go wrong? Misadventures of the #ValleyBoyPastor

IMG_0551Bed, Bath & Beyond has a complimentary gift wrap station — which is fantastic because I didn’t have to go buy wrapping paper for my friend’s wedding gift! They have scissors, tape, ribbon, everything you need except my own skill to execute it.

I’m afraid to admit that I miscalculated the first time I cut the paper. Then I accidentally gave it an unsightly rip. I re-did the folds several times, tried to trim when they flaps didn’t fit. It was anything but tightly wrapped. I fumbled the bow. DIY? LOL! I can’t do any of those “easy” Pinterest projects! I’m the king of klutz.

Here’s the kicker: Once upon a time, I was a gift wrap worker — at a posh French gift shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Where did everything I learned go?

Sometimes life is like gift-wrapping. It doesn’t come out as nicely as you wish. You miscalculate and miss-cut.

I hope Darwin enjoys his toaster and doesn’t pay too much attention to the hapless wrap. Hopefully, his eyes will be so full of love for his new wife that he won’t notice my disaster.

Things on the outside maybe a mess. God is watching the inside.



10 responses to “What possibly could go wrong? Misadventures of the #ValleyBoyPastor

  1. Funny and inspiring! I’m sure the groom will have eyes only for the bride and not be looking at gift wrapping!

  2. I love your posts! The inside of the cup, the innermost heart, the spiritual heart filled with Christ is the real Gift! It is transmittable! They will also enjoy the toaster despite the wrapping!

  3. Hahaha i am terrible with wrapping gifts! your friend won’t notice the wrap.

  4. I LOVE this analogy! “Sometimes life is like gift-wrapping. It doesn’t come out as nicely as you wish. You miscalculate and miss-cut.” Boy, can I relate to that–like parenting, for example….

  5. This is how I feel about cooking. Just cannot do it right. As much as I would like. But thankfully God sees the inside. And the inside is a willing heart to do what the. Spirit prompts me to do. I admit, sometimes it takes a bit, until I get it, but eventually I will understand, and I will do it. God is good – all the time. All the time God is good 🙌

  6. LOL. I’m the same way with wrapping things

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