But I’m only worried about the toe nail clipper

IMG_0866There are boxes and piles around my apartment as I just completed my move to the San Fernando Valley to start a church. There 1,749 things that need to be sorted out and put away. But I’m not worried about any of them.

I’m worried about finding just one thing: the toe nail clipper. These are the misadventures of the Valley Boy Pastor.

The ridiculously mundane can crowd out Jesus. So easily I get stressed out or bummed out. Out of what? Out of the joy of daily relationship with Jesus.

There’s a lot to do and detractors prowling. It’s easy to forget Priority #1 among so many priorities. This is an appeal — to myself primarily — to keep focused on Jesus always as I plant a church in Van Nuys with the Christian Fellowship Ministries.

13 responses to “But I’m only worried about the toe nail clipper

  1. Somehow, a toe nail clipper and planting a new church have a lot in common. Not sure quite what yet, but it does keep your mind focused on realities. Best wishes.

  2. Nice post…finding the lost (people and toenail clippers) and welcoming them into the fold can be an arduous task — much like finding one set of clippers in all those boxes…hope THAT box is labeled. 🙂 Praise God y’all made it there safely…may blessings abound in Van Nuys!

  3. As always….your blog is a blessing. And I hope you found those clippers! God bless.

  4. Pastor, this is GREAT!! Love the analogy!! Reblogged! (PS, scissors work fine in a pinch, but nothing equals time in God’s word….)

  5. Reblogged this on INSPIRATION with an ATTITUDE and commented:
    HAHAhaha! Yes, Pastor Ashcroft, I so relate! As it used to be called, the “tyranny of the urgent” which supplants that which is most important. This is terrific!

  6. I often wonder how the crew of Gilligan’s Island managed without a toenail clipper. But then one had to totally suspend disbelief to watch those castaways. So glad Jesus is real. No worries there.

  7. I’ve certainly noticed that it’s often the insignificant things that get under my skin the worst. There’s a reason the Bible refers to his “schemes.”

  8. I just moved so I can definitely relate. It seems I am still swimming in a sea of boxes. I am pacing myself. I will get to them in time. I pray to God for help with the big things and the small. I needed the card key for my treadmill to operate and desperately needed my manicure kit. I gave it to God and let it go. He led me to the right boxes. I know he cares about every aspect of my life although others may see a manicure kit as insignificant and not worth bothering God about. I have to remind myself he has led me to this place for a reason. When I feel I can’t unpack another box, I remember these boxes are filled with blessings — some to keep and some to share. May you continue to be a blessing to many.

  9. Rebekah is a blessing indeed. I feel good that I was able to give eight boxes of clothes and household goods to the Salvation Army this week. Prayers from you and Rebekah are welcome!

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