Eating is such a waste of time


Avocado fries at Rustic Kitchen from West Los Angeles.

Yeah, I can find so many better things to do with my time. And they keep giving you rules: what’s healthy, what you shouldn’t eat. Why don’t they let me lead my life the way I want? They’re so judgemental, hateful, hypocritical. What’s the point? Why do they try to force you to eat?


Sorry. Switch “eat” for “church” to understand my analogy.

Spiritual food is just as necessary, useful and delicious as physical food.

7 responses to “Eating is such a waste of time

  1. “Why don’t they let me lead my life the way I want?” — I have also heard this phase worded in the following: “Why do they not let you live your life your way?” Stop to think just how dangerous that sentence is. It is a subtle form of indoctrination to thinking and living a life without God. A life deeply steeped in sinful ways of the world. Sure, we are all living sinful lives. Should we not do everything possible to steer away from that? Nice post. Very succinct.

    May I reblog?

  2. How can eating ever be a waste of time?

  3. Excellent analogy. Reminds me of the one that said, “I can’t remember what last week’s sermon was about, so that means I didn’t need to hear it.” The response is, “Can you remember what you had to eat a week ago? If not, I guess you didn’t need to eat it.”

  4. Amen! Way to go! Love your creative mind & blogs, always built on the Rock of Jesus.

  5. Neither eating nor cooking can be a waste of time. Is cooking how we prepare the spiritual food? How many people do you cook for? Right now, I cook for six.

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