Flamingos turn pink due to diet


The image you project to the world as a Christian is a matter of your diet. If you feed constantly on negativity and denigration, you won’t project of confidence, joy and victory. You need to feed on the word, not the sewers of the world’ media.

Trivia: Flamingos are born with gray feathers but turn pink because they feast on brine shrimp and blue-green algae, which contain a dye that affects the color of the flamingo.

If you feast on the world’s news, you might turn yellow.

If you feast on Facebook, you might turn green with envy.

Heck, even your “brother” in Christ can constantly tear you down. Don’t let that happen!

But if you feast on prayer and God’s unadulterated Word, you’ll turn radiant like the sun. You’ll project the joy and confidence, the love and humility which naturally draws people to Christ.


14 responses to “Flamingos turn pink due to diet

  1. Great application. I didn’t know that about flamingos!

  2. “You need to feed on the world, not the sewers of the world’ media.”

    Don’t you mean “feed on the Word?” The rest of your article supports my conclusion… so I think you have an autocorrect fail…

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  3. AMEN to this one! It’s a message I’ve been trying to get through to people throughout my ministry, and will continue to do so until the Lord takes me home.

  4. Geoff with a G

    Yes! Thank you for the reminder. I need to spend more time in the Word.

  5. So maybe I’ll put a flamingo in the staff room as a reminder to watch what we eat–beyond the leftover soccer banquet cake 😊

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  7. Good illustration!

  8. Reblogged this on pastorglen52 and commented:
    Good message. Definitely deserves reblogging!

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