My 88-year-old dad finally got back to painting. He fell and broke his hip in April and hasn’t felt like he could concentrate on his creative efforts. He has a fantastic rehab coach and a 24-hour caregiver. He has good doctors and a couple of good sons. His taste buds finally reactivated, so he’s getting back to his ideal weight.

Last but not least, he’s started painting — and with it hope is reborn in his heart.

Except for the smallest of children, we’re all in some sort of recovery. Sin — life — tends to damage. Recovery is not just for the alcoholic. It’s for marriage that you want to last. It’s for forgiveness you’re struggling to work out. It’s for the person at the gym. It’s for slip-ups and backslidings.

Recovery is for humans.

Pride would have you believe you don’t need any recovery, that you’re completely successful with every area of your life under control. You know why I’m a Christian? Because I’m more honest and real than that. I fully acknowledge my need for a Savior and my need for his ongoing recovery process ministered continually by His Word and His Spirit. Recovery is a good thing, so I embrace it whole-heartedly.

7 responses to “Recovery

  1. AMEN! And blessings on your father, and your whole family.

  2. Amen! Wonderful! Congrats to your dad. That’s a great painting and I’m sure you have people tell you all the time that you look a lot like him! Congrats to everyone who helped in this recovery and all praise be to Jesus for it and for that creative spark! Am sharing this. Thanks!

  3. Geoff with a G

    Great post! Glad to see your dad is painting again 🙂

  4. How wonderful, and lovely picture too. He reminds me of my dad, white hair and smiling like that. All the best for his continued recovery. Bless him!

  5. I’m glad your dad is doing okay, God bless you

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