The upside down pastor


For the upside down pastor, the church is there to serve him, not he the church. And not only serve him, they must admire him. He alone does everything right. He alone hears from God. He alone tells everyone what to do. He gets all the credit and doesn’t credit others.

I think I was an upside down pastor when I started 20 years ago. Success bolstered my fragile ego. Being a pastor provided me with the affirmation I so often lacked in life. The incredible thing is that God used me despite being upside down.

Now I’m starting a new church, and I hope to get it right. The people are the focus, not me. I’m there to serve them, to help them realize their destiny in God. It’s not about me. It’s about them, and it’s about Jesus.

The upside down pastor gets mad easily when things don’t go his way. He prays for people to do what he thinks they should do. He alone hears from God. Praise time is showmanship.

If you’re an upside down pastor, you can put things right side up. 2 Cor. 10:8 says God has given the pastor authority to build up his congregants, not tear them down. 2 Sam. 5:12 says that David perceived that God had established him, not because he was better than others, but “for his people Israel’s sake.” Your existence is for them.

You can turn things right side up.

11 responses to “The upside down pastor

  1. I really like this. Well said.

  2. I can relate. Now I’m divorced and remarried, so I’m pretty well out of the game to most churches. If God were to give me another chance, I have learned a lot since those early days. I still long to help people encounter a meaningful relationship with Christ. Blessings as you start this new church!

  3. I have just left a church that has a pastor like that. I was there almost ten years and I was broken hearted when I left. Even though he said as we were leaving we were welcome back anytime I was shocked when a received word that he didn’t want his church to pray for me and they didn’t want me to pray for them. It has been so hard to regain faith in the Lord’s church but I am trying.

  4. Beware of the pastors (I’m including myself) who feed on the sheep instead of feeding them. Repent again and again until you get it right! Jesus said, “I did not come to be served but to serve.” And, “Prefer each other higher than you are.” (Translations mine.)

    In other words, the earthly pastors must prefer (esteem) the congregation higher than they are; and must expect to feed (support) the congregation, instead of expecting to be fed and supported by the congregation.

    Jesus will feed and support the pastors; and the pastors feed and support the congregation – Like the mother serves and supports the baby, not the baby serving and supporting the mother. Yes, in both spiritual and physical support!

    Thank you for your timely message.


    You got your head screwed on right and, hopefully, tight.

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