Down the drain

IMG_0808As apartment manager, I have the duty of cleaning out apartments when tenants leave. This is not as bad as it may sound because sometimes you get some cool stuff. For example, I got a great set of kitchen knives and some tools.

But the liquor went down the drain. So did the funny green leaves.

Sorry, I’m a teetotaler. Even if I did like alcohol, I wouldn’t drink it. It’s a matter of not being a stumbling block to a weak brother. What if someone in my church is a recovering alcoholic and sees me, the Valley Boy Pastor, sipping a glass? If he falls on account of me, I’m hurting him. I’m not walking in love.

Luckily, I have no desire to try liquor. My dad didn’t drink. I never went to parties when I was younger. I believe I get joy from God, not chemicals.

For all I know, that was a lot of money I poured out. But to me, it is of no monetary value. Maybe the devil valued it as a snare to pull people into sin.

14 responses to “Down the drain

  1. I have the same policy, to the amazement of many.


    I have green leaves. Chinese tea. Not suited to smoking or inhaling. It is different from a friend’s. His is from his secret little hydroponic garden. It causes a haze around him and a haze within him, when inhaled. Not recommended.


    Reblogged this on Awethentiq® Pete and commented:
    As my wife and I grew up in the Breeder River Valley in South Africa, wine was just part of our culture. Even at our church, we would have an annual wine tasting to assess the new wines of the year. Nobody would even think of getting a little tipsy as we all revered Jesus. In fact, anyone getting drunk from wine would be seen as socially unacceptable. My cousin always walked around with a glass of white wine in his shirt pocket yet I never saw him even slightly inebriated, as he would only wet his lips. He cannot stand drunken people as, in our culture, growing grapes and making quality wines is seen as a fine art. Then my military career took me about a thousand miles away and a new neighbour came to my house, had a very small glass of wine. He then went from my home to buy beer and he and his pastor friend became inebriated, misbehaved in public and he eventually aimed a pistol at his wife and daughter. Even though I wrote a regular column on wine as well as wine recipes (I love cooking) we as a family just decided not to drink a drop ever again. If my innocent example is license to the gross misconduct of another, I rather sacrifice this love of my life. Now, 24 years later, a meal still is incomplete without a glass of good wine but I prefer and incomplete meal over broken lives. We already were puring liquor down the drain when friends came to visit while in the wine region, when we thought they had enough. I love coffee and would brew good quality coffee in a kettle outside on the open fire, as a bit of a novelty. We as disciples should set the example. As I lived among Muslims and Jews for seven years, we also banned pork and shellfish from the kitchen. Our food had to qualify loosely as both Halaal and Kosher so as not to offend others.

  4. If you find an unopened can of pickled jalapeños, can you please save it for me? Thanks. ☺

    PS: 151proof rum works a lot better as a drain unclogger/antibacterial rinse than the stuff you are using to unclog in the photo….

  5. Amen! 100% hit as always! Joy is from God, not chemicals. I also do not drink, never will, and never write books where my characters drink, curse, or engage in sinful lifestyles. Perhaps I will never be a best selling author – but I will never have to apologize to Jesus for what I’ve written. God bless you.

  6. Amen! Never drank before and don’t ever plan on it to not stumble others! My Joy is in Christ! Like the hat makes me think of Prohibition agents lol

  7. I’m glad you quoted the verse about not being a “stumbling block” to a weaker brother (such as a recovering alcoholic). For some reason, many in the body of Christ have ignored that verse and promoted the notion that Jesus turned the water into grape juice.

  8. If you don’t drink that is good. No need to start. I know. Clean and sober 14 years, 5 months after 35 years of alcoholism. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

  9. oh my gosh! I have been a property manager! the stories I could tell! Oh my goodness. the one where they left the fridge unplugged full of food, turkey, all kinds of rotting goodies,,,,,,,,,and dumped fish tank rocks all over the living floor! PEEEE EWWWW!

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