While everyone is collecting pokemon, I’m looking for souls

pokemon_go_3I wish Christians were as “crazed” about what God is crazed about as zillions of gamers are crazed about this game. Sorry for being so passé.

7 responses to “While everyone is collecting pokemon, I’m looking for souls


    Don’t burn their idols. They might nail you to a tree.

  2. Another fad that leaves me cold. Couldn’t care less, and I haven’t heard any of my friends talking about it. Maybe we’re just all too old to care 🙂

  3. I don’t own a smart phone…seems smart to me! I do not like playing games because the world is a game and Christ in us is Reality! I like being led by the Holy Spirit! Love his God Positioning System GPS! Seeing as Christ sees! going on God Adventures! divine appointments! I do get lost from time to time, but every time I get lost it is because I know I have already found and encounter the lost who need being found who don’t know they are lost! I don’t wear a watch either and find that I always show up on God’s timing and have even found myself places arriving before humanly possible, or detoured due to heavenly reasons. I know that human beings have a super natural potential in Christ that is beyond what the world knows! I don’t know Pokemon but I do know that our Lord Jesus Christ is always found by those who seek Him and trust in Him!

  4. The things we attach ourselves to!!

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