Too sunny? Make tea


Find the bright side to your problems.

The biggest argument against us moving to Van Nuys was the sun and heat. So I went to the dollar store and got this jug. Every day, I harness the sun to fight the sun. I make sun tea, chill it and enjoy it. The Valley Boy Pastor’s church with the Christian Fellowship Ministries is coming along lickety split.

Embrace the city/marriage/job/ministry God has called you to. Find the upside. Use the bad things for good.

I love sun tea. What do you love about your ugly situation?

5 responses to “Too sunny? Make tea

  1. Amen! What a fantastic blog! Harnessing what you hate about where you are and what you’re doing into something good and lasting for the glory of God! Well done…as always. Must share this.

  2. daisyraytheclown

    Just enjoyed some sun tea at lunch today! I always try to find the humor in a situation, even if it takes me a little while.

  3. Great photo! Nothing beats sun tea!

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  4. I avoid mirrors. Oh, you mean… got it.

    I just kepp my head down and keep slogging it out with prayers and determination.

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