I’ll be your Lyft driver


Rebekah, at left.

Rebekah grew up and moved out. Despite the fact that I was well aware that this was coming, I’m still a bit surprised and saddened.

I was too busy too much of the time. And we didn’t have money for me to take her out. We were missionaries surviving on half a shoe-string budget.

When we moved recently to Van Nuys to start a new church, Rebekah said she wasn’t going with us. She got a roommate and stayed in Santa Monica. The Valley Boy Pastor had one less arrow in his quiver (allusion to the Bible).

I worked with a heavy dose of not-spoiling-your-kids theory. Because I wouldn’t give her a ride where she wanted to go, she walked alone at night.

Then all of sudden, I worried for her well-being. She scoffed at me. But I kept trying to drive her wherever she wanted to go and pick her up whenever she wanted. She was 18 and could do pretty much whatever she wanted.

The years have gone, and I’m left to rue missed opportunities.

Hey, Rebekah, if you need a ride, I’ll be your Lyft driver.


7 responses to “I’ll be your Lyft driver

  1. So beautiful 🙂

  2. Nice post. Very touching.

  3. I feel you, I really do. Julie and I can always find something to feel guilty about, and our girls are 29 & 30!

    I’ll share my personal litmus test with you. I couldn’t get along with my dad; he could be a real jerk. By the time I’d reached high school I was already over him. I actually hated him!

    My litmus test was always “If my kids will talk to me any time past high school, I at least did better than my old man.” We still talk to this day. They’ll ask advice, chat, whatever.

    Can you say that? So she moved out. She’s not a kid any more. That’s HEALTHY! But the two of you talk. Sometimes she’ll accept a ride. Where I come from, that spells success!

    You done good, Valley Boy!

  4. The hardest part is letting them fly once you give them them wings. Be happy you gave her the skills to fly. She is an articulate, beautiful young women and she learned this from a wonderful family. That doesn’t mean you won’t miss them. I do every day. But what a blessing to know they have strong wings to carry them aloft and find their future. God Bless You!!

  5. It is hard to let go but then they always know that you will be there for them.. It’s the way love works .

  6. Oh really felt for you in this post. Mine are 22 and 25 and both have flown, but like Kristi says we gave them the wings so they must use them, and like Jeffery says they still talk to us often, come and visit, share their lives, want us to meet their friends. They like us and we like them but boy is it hard work.
    Well done to you for sharing X

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