Unexpected growth for #ValleyBoyPastor


Most of the time God doesn’t do things as fast as you expect. Occasionally, He doesn’t do things as slow as you expect.

When I took the step of faith to return to church-planting, I braced for the long haul under the moniker #ValleyBoyPastor. The plan was: After a year or two of holding a Bible study, move to a park building for Sunday morning service. Slow and organic.

IMG_6688Instead, God went BOOM!

How about immediate revival? He dropped four key disciples down out of the sky. These disciples have been pushing me to start our own services (and not go to Santa Monica Lighthouse services). I couldn’t get a building quick enough, so we hit the Anthony Beilenson Park.


Lake Balboa/ Anthony Beilenson Park provided a glorious backdrop for the first Lighthouse Church Van Nuys service.

It was lovely August day under the spreading tree at Balboa Lake in the San Fernando Valley. The acoustic guitar pumped up lilting chords, and we had a Holy Spirit, unplugged service — the first for the Van Nuys Lighthouse Church. It felt good to preach again, like a player who’s long been sidelined (six years!) to get back out on the playing field.

It seems that what I’ve most experienced is hardship in pastoring. God turned the paradigm on it’s head and brought revival. Only He knows what He’s doing. I can only praise Him.


14 responses to “Unexpected growth for #ValleyBoyPastor

  1. Yes! Amen! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! All for the glory of God!

  2. I will be in Northridge in a few weeks, my Mom lives @ Zelzah and Devonshire. I live in Idaho, but circumstances are bringing me there – do you hold your service every week @ Balboa Park (used to bring the kids there, in the 90s – til I moved). Let me know, my teenage daughter and myself would absolutely love to be there:) Donni

  3. Praise God for this work He is doing through you. I pray that He will bless your new church and use it to bring many to faith in the Savior!

  4. Wow I use to run at that lake/park so many years ago when I was able to run

  5. Don’t look back! Revival has only just begun!

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