The expansion of the Gospel in the San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley map

A map of services and studies of the Lighthouse Church. The line shows how we have advanced in the central region.

We own the central region of the Valley. We have Bible studies and services running up its spinal cord. Now to expand laterally.

I don’t think Christianity was supposed to be an armchair faith. It was meant to be active. We need to get out and project light, not just meet and talk about doing it.

In an extraordinarily short period of time, God multiplied a simple Bible study in my home to three nexus points of evangelism: church services in Anthony Beilenson Park at Lake Balboa, a Bible study at Las Palmas Park of the City of San Fernando and my Van Nuys Bible study in my apartment.


Our intensive Bible study last night took place in Las Palmas Park of the City of San Fernando

I am surprised by this. I have known both growth and vast expanses of “stagnation” in ministry in my 16 years in Guatemala. Explosive growth is unusual, beautiful, special. It cannot be manufactured, planned for, conjured up. It comes sovereignly from God.

The only thing you can do when God moves is try to not screw it up. Excuse the expression. But what I mean is that if you let it go to your head, or if you get distracted, then you lose the wave or revival. The best thing to do is to keep your head down and try to ride the wave as far and long as you can.

And give the glory to God.

The Valley Boy Pastor is quite astonished at what God is doing.

12 responses to “The expansion of the Gospel in the San Fernando Valley

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  3. This is great to hear since I had grown up in the Valley.

  4. Gloria a Dios! (Is that right? I’ve never studied Spanish!)

  5. May Jesus continue to bless you for your self-less dedication to His ministry. God bless.

  6. May God continue this great work through you!

  7. Sunshine Quotes

    I agree with you, the Christian faith is to be actively shared and “modeled” to others through our lives. Good fortune and blessings to you now and in the future!


  8. I love what you meant about not screwing it up. Great attitude to have as God moves. “Praise his glorious name forever! Let the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and amen!” Psalm 72:19

  9. I can only say how happy I am for you that your efforts are being used so spectacularly by God! What a blessing for you! I’m very glad you share your progress with us. It’s inspiring!

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