We are transforming the world

IMG_1647Small can have a BIG impact.

We are a Santa Monica Christian school of 50, laughable for the world.

But all you need is one person to strike fire. One person can start a worldwide revolution (Karl Marx). One person can set a world record and draw the attention of the planet (Usain Bolt). One person can inspire thousands to serve God (John Wesley).

To all my colleagues around the nation, fellow Christian educators: Don’t just do your job. Do it with vision. Don’t let the ridicule of the world affect your heart. What you’re doing is incredibly important.

We started classes yesterday at the Lighthouse Christian Academy. We are conquering the world.


4 responses to “We are transforming the world

  1. Amen! Go out there and conquer the world! Lord Jesus, bless Lighthouse Christian Academy and all Christian schools. Thank You for them, Lord. Bless each student with a vision of You that will stay with them their entire lives. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

  2. Yyyyyes!! We are only a family of 6, proudly homeschooling our 4 kiddos… But we are with you and totally behind you!! It is VERY difficult today to find “support”, but one thing that we ARE finding in all of this… All too often, we DO receive “WOW” reactions in response to how well “rounded” our children are. People find it so hard to believe that we are getting the results that we are…
    Most folks… They want the result without the work… It just doesn’t work that way.
    All we CAN do is give credit to God’s wonderful grace, mercy, and provision that has made it possible to provide them the education that we have!

  3. Praying you have a world impacting school year.

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