What man cannot do


My wife, in the glamours sunglasses, with a visitor at church this morning at the Lighthouse Church of Van Nuys.

God is doing what I cannot humanly do.

He is bringing in people who have dropped out of church for years over hurts.

It makes me want to cry. A lady (not pictured) came with her daughters today. It has been ??? years since she left her previous church, upset over poor treatment. Today, somehow, she mustered the courage to return.

The Lighthouse Church of Van Nuys is meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Lake Balboa, San Fernando Valley’s treated water lake that flows in the Los Angeles River. It is scenic and smells very nice (considering it started as flush water). I’m called the Valley Boy Pastor.

When I started the church in April, I was determined the let God build it. (When I started the church in Guatemala, I think in my mind, I was going to do — and let God help a bit too. It took me many years to figure out that I really didn’t have any abilities to do things myself. So now I am a tired 50-year-old. I don’t have the same energy. I work three jobs. I don’t have the time. What do I have? I have faith to let God do what I cannot.)

God is shattering our expectations, doing things that no one saw coming. Like this mother. She had been out of church for so many years. Today she came to church.

Praise the Lord!

11 responses to “What man cannot do

  1. Ahh, such good news. Also, the sunshine looks gorgeous down there. Or maybe we should call it Son-shine?

  2. Yay God! We love you Abba! Father!

  3. Praise the Lord indeed! I am convinced there are many like that lady in our city, and I have been praying for them to return to active participation in the Body of Christ.

  4. It is so faith building to see what God is doing, while you rest in him. He is the best pastor, evangelist, apostle, teacher and prophet. More Lord!

  5. I have posted a few months ago on being too scared to go to church again. Traumatised repeatedly, persecuted by Christianity. I long for restoration of 1st century church of Acts.

  6. There are many people treated bad in the church. Hope they get a church like yours in their own places…..

  7. That’s amazing. Keep up the great work. When we make ourselves available to God it’s amazing what He will do. Here’s to more stories like this one of people returning to Jesus.

  8. Praise the Lord indeed! And God bless you and your family.

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