Having fun teaching


I’m posing with my colleague Kathy Payton.

Why not enjoy teaching? Once a year, the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica holds Spirit Week, every day a new costume theme. Actually, I have all the creativity of a spore, so I usually opt out and wear my normal clothes.

I enjoy bringing motivated kids to the aha! moment. I teach English (literature, syntax and writing) and Spanish. I’m a believer in making things accessible, of focusing on the simplest understanding first and then taking complications that broaden understanding.

Literature is not just art. It is also psychology and helps students empathize with their fellow human, as well as learn not to make the mistakes of engaging protagonists.

Down with the grammarians! They have made it too difficult for too long! We need simple explanations for students. Students can learn syntax!

When it comes to writing, I believe thinking comes first, structure second. I challenge students to take controversial opinions and defend it with passion. You get a low grade with me in you’re Captain Obvious.

Well, then Spanish. I love to explain the why-the-heck of all idiosyncrasies of morphology and grammar. Languages are fascinating, funny and bizarre.

And we do all this in a Christian environment. What could be more fun?


4 responses to “Having fun teaching

  1. Love your “costume!”

  2. Yes, to fun in school, church and in our homes with family. Spreading Joy is as important as spreading faith. It leads people to seek you out, finding out what lights your fire within (the Lord.)

  3. You’re having a good time!
    Ever do any emotional-based vocabulary learning? Figured that’s how we all learned to express ourselves in our first language: felt needs (feelings searching for words). I was curious as to how that would work, but never got the chance to try it in the classroom.
    Before moving to Canada, I used to teach high school Spanish. It WAS fun. And I too enjoyed the grammar aspect–even wrote my own grammar book with symbols and charts for the kids! Good times. Enjoy.
    I don’t normally plug my book (it’s a whopping $0.99), but you can get a free sample on iTunes.

    Peace, or rather
    Espero que Dios te bendiga con la paz y la gracia de su Hijo Jesús,

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