Rest in Jesus


Martha is the typical American. She’s busy doing. She doesn’t have time to sit and listen to idle chatter, even if it is Jesus who is speaking.

On the other hand, her sister Mary completely neglects the cooking to instead hear the pearls of wisdom that Jesus constantly spills from His lips.

This angers Martha. Overwhelmed with the double load of work, she resorts to Jesus. Surely, the all-knowing teacher would be kind enough to easy Mary out of her flagrant laziness and into the kitchen to help.

Jesus responds with words eternal that crept into the Canon: Martha, you are busy with many things. Mary has chosen the better portion, and it will not be taken away from her.

Don’t be too busy – even with ministry – that you exclude time just enjoying being with Jesus.

7 responses to “Rest in Jesus

  1. This is amazing. I actually just posted about finding rest! It’s very important. Can you check out my website?

  2. yes! amen! our Rest! our First Love!

  3. We so often forget to simply rest – abide – in Jesus. In His heart lies all things graceful, loving and true. We all must spend more time there.

  4. Amen. Without saving time for Jesus, the best of all we give is worth nothing. God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

  5. Don’t be too busy even with your ministry. What a statement!
    Many ministers run around doing God’s work and in th end they end up in bed without conversing with family or God. So sad. I don’t know when they come to know that to be still sometimes renew their strength.

  6. Amen a good reminder

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