Not sure why we are obsessed with mega-church pastors. Not even Jesus did that.

No, Jesus prepared for revival after His departure. He sent out 12 with full power, then again 70. He was training and equipping followers for when He would no longer be with them.

I must confess I fell into the nobody-can-do-it-as-good-as-me trap once. God slapped me across the face for my selfish pride. I would do everything: teach, preach, sing, evangelize. Then He allowed my voice to get damaged. I had to relinquish singing.

Others could rise up and get ready for ministry. They could practice with live experience and do start-ups with confidence. Why had I been so blind?

A key to revival? Don’t be a ball hog.


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  1. Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    The inability to delegate the work which God has given us is the source of a lot of strain within a many churches. Why do we refuse to delegate the work? A lot of it has to do with a lack of trust.
    We do not trust that people will be able to do the work as well as we do. In fact, we may even suspect that they would ruin the ministry that we worked so hard to build up. Underneath this distrust is the seed of pride that infects even the most righteous of believers.
    We all fall into this trap because we forget the reason why we are in the ministry in the first place. We didn’t get there by our own volition, it was the Lord that has called us to do the work. That means that He is calling the shots and not us.
    So if that means that others take our place in certain aspects in the ministry then so be it. Who am I to argue with the King of Kings? Let us not worry about the outcome, the Lord has it all under control.

  2. I wrote about this in my devotions this morning! It will be posted in my blog for November 1 in a couple of days.

  3. Wonderful advice: don’t be a ball hog! God bless you and your family in your ministry. Thanks for your great blogs.

  4. It’s a joy to delegate!

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