The rent is great

img_3366We’re meeting in a park next to a lake (of reclaimed water) called Lake Balboa. I feel like Jesus preaching next to the lake. We are called Lighthouse Church, but I have taken to calling us Church on the Lake, a spinoff of the nearby mega Church on the Way.

The colors are beautiful. We get visitors from all the passers-by. The shade is good, as is the weather in Los Angeles. If you get bored of my sermon, you can enjoy the view. So why do some church members want a “building?”


The rent is cheaper here (we pay $O, though others paid with blood the price of freedom in America). We just grab an available picnic table in the shade, set up some chairs, play an acoustic guitar, use the music stand for a pulpit, pass the toilet paper basket for offering and — presto! — free church.


People can sit discreetly at he benches a ways back and hear the sermon.

It was my goal, on being sent out to “pioneer” a new work, to charge nothing to the parent church, which was burdened heavily with the Guatemalan ministry. I wanted to show that with faith and prayer it was possible for other pastors to plant churches at no cost to the mother church. Today we had 16 people.

Eventually, we will outgrow the park and need a building. Until then, I’m enjoying the view and the ride. It’s a blast for me, the #ValleyBoyPastor.


12 responses to “The rent is great

  1. That’s really cool. I appreciate things that can be done with a building but I like the simplicity and natural setting of church in the park.

  2. I wish we had the weather to do that sort of thing in Japan!

  3. Sounds great. It is like the early church meeting on the river bank.

  4. This is great. Good work! Thanks.

  5. Reblogged this on pastorglen52 and commented:
    Awesome work… look at God move!

  6. Praise the Lord for the way you encourage me with your walk of faith!!

  7. Wow! Your setting is the closest thing to Jesus teaching actually on the Lake. I haven’t heard of any other churches holding service in this way. May God continue to bless you and increase your territory. To God be the glory for the marvelous things that He had done!

  8. Praise God this is really great

  9. Yes, you will need a building when the park is full. Pray that God will touch the unbelievers who walk by. Great opportunity to be an evangelist.

  10. Praise God keep doing what you are doing brother

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