Beyond cell phones

z4nmu09gzrlrlmcqzbotThey entertain us. We can tailor them to our every like and desire. They greet us when we wake up and send us off to bed. They keep us in contact. We can share with other people our triumphs and failures. They give us news, shows us directions, find us the best prices.

But there is more to life than this marvelous device that makes our life easier and not boring. If all you have is your phone, your emotionally bankrupt. Beyond the cell phone, there is a God who satisfies much greater needs.

Our Lord said that life didn’t consist of what we eat and drink. In our day, we’d have to add: Life does not consist of your cell phone.

8 responses to “Beyond cell phones

  1. it’s odd that there was no real planning, only financial planning, for the mobile phone, and the promise and the threats it bore, totally ignored,fine post, blessings

  2. I gave up my cell phone back in May and I’ve never been happier! I use it now for the alarm and calendar, and occasionally to go on wifi and send a facebook message, but I feel so much more free without it.

  3. Amen! What if we treated our Bibles like phones? What would are world look like? I certainly hope one day they will have a challenge like that, to spend more time in the word, than on your phone!;) Thanks for posting.

  4. Amen! Beyond cell phones…enter into the heart of God.

  5. Excellent (even if you did have “your” one time when you meant “you’re”).

  6. So true, he answered by cell phone.

  7. Very true. It’s hard to make people to stay away from their mobiles. Which includes children.

  8. its addiction.

    i write about technology. See:

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