Pursue beauty


I have found beauty in the salvation of just one soul. It is a beautiful thing to see a life, lost in self-destruction, change to a smile and happiness. This is why I pastor.

I have found beauty in seeing students, who never thought they were good enough for college, realize they have what it takes to make it. They clamber out of the slimy pit of poverty.

I have found beauty in restored relationships, in rediscovering love between spouse, between sons and fathers.

I have seen beauty in God’s creation. My life is not lived for money. I do not have much. My life is lived for the smile in my heart that comes when I see God’s hand in all around me.

Photo credit: My friends, missionaries, in Ecuador.

5 responses to “Pursue beauty

  1. A beautiful mediation, beautifully written.

  2. I find beauty in restored relationships too! the freedom to Love despite or in the midst of circumstances, situations, negative experiences and external challenges! God is Faithful and True and he is ABLE! Christ holds everything together! Thank God for God!

  3. Beautiful! This is why we are in ministry!

  4. Amen! You, your family & your ministry are…beautiful.

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