To forgive is to taste God


Forgiveness is a pain in the butt, from a human perspective. Actually, it is humanly unnatural. That’s how my buddy Matt found out the Bible wasn’t written by men, as atheists are wont to say. Because it reiterates the need to forgive your enemies.

But when you receive the forgiveness of God, they you can enter the earthly nirvana of forgiving others and discover the best revenge is to forgive, to release yourself from the inner torment of holding a grudge.

To forgive is a privilege that the sinner cannot enjoy. It is beauty that the sinner is incapable of feeling or perceiving. It is a better medicine than penicillin. It heals the heart. To forgive is to taste the flavor of God.

God so loved the world that He forgave us our sins.

8 responses to “To forgive is to taste God

  1. To forgive is taste the flavor of God! wow love it

  2. Taste and see that God is good…Amen. To forgive is to taste the flavor of God. Brilliant!

  3. Profound thoughts… so simply written. Never thought of forgiveness from this angle!

  4. It often surprises me how good it feels to forgive people when they hurt you. Forgiveness brings peace and joy.

  5. Forgiveness is powerful. It is a choice and also a process. But when you release justice into God’s hand, letting go of demands for the person to make it right and releasing blame it frees you to truly heal. Letting go is both difficult and wonderful at the same time.

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