Roof access

img_4316As apartment manager, I can get on the roof — no one else.

Maintenance duties oblige me to inspect. As a result, I’ve delighted by some of the most glorious views of sunsets and skies. I’ve witnessed beauty that can be observed at street level, at the level of the tenants.

You have access to the roof as a Christian. You have access into the things of God, a higher life, a life of beauty. The direction of the Christian is upward.


6 responses to “Roof access

  1. Awesome! All we need to do is look up to see our Lord, not looking in at our selves, not in our mirrors or in our selfies! Great point, He is there for everyone looking for Him!

  2. Brilliant. I shared it. God bless you and your ministry.

  3. Beautiful Santa Monica view…and beautiful truth that it conveys about access to our Father!

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