Amazing grace for Valley Boy Pastor


My two sons performing in the drama.

God’s goodness and unmerited favor is not only for salvation. I’ve been seeing it in the formation of the startup church in Van Nuys, California. The San Fernando Valley Lighthouse Church is running on eight cylinders.

We recently did a drama to bless another, well-established church in Palmdale, about an hour away from L.A.

The church continues to meet at Lake Balboa, when it’s not too cold or rainy. Attendance doubled in December.

I am floored that God would bless me. It’s His amazing grace, usually applied to salvation, but applicable to any and every area of our lives.

What you need in life is God’s favor, which you can’t earn. Jesus earned it for you. The best thing we can do is be grateful.


4 responses to “Amazing grace for Valley Boy Pastor

  1. God is on the move and bringing the kingdom of God to hungry people. He gives promises and its already done! Your’s is the Kingdom and he has given it all to you! He is positioning you for a huge harvest, for God’s glory, in the San Ferando Valley! Exciting!

  2. Multiplied blessings on you, as you seek to be a channel of those blessings to others, as we all should be.

  3. Love hearing such wonderful news about my childhood neighborhood. It has been years since I have been to Balboa park but I had many good memories of the place. I was raised in the Valley so I am a former Valley girl now out in Texas for almost 20 years and I am happy to know what God is doing out your way.

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