Some journeys require patience

C7eJ4sGVUAUU9Od.jpg largeThe Bible says we’re pilgrims, sojourners on this Earth. In our times of jet planes and email (as opposed to “snail mail”), we have little understanding of long journeys. But when Nehemiah traveled back and forth between the capital of the Persian Empire and Jerusalem, it took days or weeks.

Impatience is the enemy of the Christian. When bad situations don’t turn around fast enough, too many give up and return to the world. There is need of stick-to-it-iveness, of perseverance.

I’m sure Moses would have liked to make the journey to the Promised Land in an appropriate amount of time — not 40 years! God is patient with us, and we should be patient with Him.


13 responses to “Some journeys require patience

  1. I needed this today!! Sure could do with the promised land right about now…. feels like I did my 40 year travel, and pray that my miracle is right around the corner.

  2. MicheleMariePoetry

    Yes, I’ve been praying about this very thing lately. Haste is almost always something we regret! I sometimes wonder if there might be a demon called “haste”- since often it is an impulse, a lack of patience and temperance, that is reacting versus praying and waiting until morning or later to see how things are then… And as far as life journey, how often we give up because things aren’t going our way, rather than taking a step back, and waiting on God. He who buries the seeds deeply, before allowing them to sprout in the spring, often makes us wait for his good time.

  3. Moses probably thought, “Siri-ously!”

  4. Father there are two world for us to journey..this life is a journey another life is end of this help us to start our journey safely with your grace and power..amen

  5. AMEN to this one for sure! This theme comes up in my devotions rather often!

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  7. Patience is hard to accomplish but worth striving for! Thanks for the messages about famous people who are saved. This helps young people to relate better to the pure and loving act of giving ourselves to the Lord.

  8. Just saw The Zookeeper’s Wife last night and what a blessing it truly is. . . Based on a remarkable true story. ❤

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