A woman’s war against babies

rebecca_gomberts dutch doctorWith a missionary’s zeal, Rebecca Gomperts promotes abortion in countries where it’s illegal. She believes she’s saving the planet from overpopulation, women from unsafe procedures and democracy itself.

In 2001, the Dutch doctor founded Women on Waves and sailed to Ireland with a plan to take pregnant women aboard, sail 12 miles offshore into international waters, administer abortion pills, then sail back to harbor as a means of protesting anti-abortion laws.

She hit a snag when conservatives in Holland, under pressure from the European Union, said she wasn’t licensed. She returned home amid reports that her mission was a publicity “sham.”

women on waves restricted abortionBut Gomperts didn’t give up. She fund-raised and sailed again – to Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Morocco.

In February, her abortion boat was chased away from Guatemala. “The boat of death has arrived in Guatemala,” Congressman Raul Romero groaned, and President Jimmy Morales ordered the Navy to block abortion advocates from disembarking and prevented Guatemalans from boarding.

Undeterred, Gomperts redirected her crew to Mexico, which also largely restricts abortion.

“What she is doing is essentially a protest worldwide. They go around to countries that limit access to abortion as a publicity stunt,” said Cheryl Sullenger, senior vice president of Operation Rescue. “I think it’s extremely dangerous. They bring people out to the boat and give them an abortion pill and send them home and the abortion boat leaves. There’s no follow-up care. 6-7% of women who take this pill need surgical intervention after. It’s really irresponsible.

rebecca gomperts abortion doctor“They kill innocent children and leave women vulnerable. They just want to make a point, and they don’t have the best interests of the women in mind.”

If you read about Gomperts online, media accounts lionize her. She was made into a hero by the 2014 film “Vessel.” She is portrayed as persecuted, brave, and altruistic. Stories read eerily similar to accounts of missionaries preaching the gospel in danger of their lives and hounded by hostile people groups.

And she’s been successful. When she was blocked by two Portuguese warships from entering harbor in 2004, she countered by appearing on television. She portrayed herself as the victim and women as victims. Abortion was the answer to patriarchal oppression, she said.

When a participant on TV questioned the legality of her work, she retorted, “I really think you should not talk about things that you don’t know anything about. Concerning pregnancy, you’re a man, you can walk away when your girlfriend is pregnant. I’m pregnant now, and I had an abortion when I was — a long time ago. And I’m very happy that I have the choice to continue my pregnancy how I want, and that I had the choice to end it when I needed it.”

Within two and half years, Portugal legalized abortion, the New York Times reported. Read the rest of the article about the abortion boat.

18 responses to “A woman’s war against babies

  1. Expose them! Thank you, Brother!

  2. Pure and simple evil. This woman, and all who support the abortion industry…the killing of babies…need us to pray for their conversions. Satan is working overtime through empty, dark souls.

  3. pro-life is of Christ; anti-life is satanic deception

    We speak life and blessing to all human beings born and unborn; Spirit of Truth bring all into the Truth. May all wake up and receive the light of Christ to overcome all darkness. Thank you Abba Father for the light of life, your Word and Spirit in us who believe; help those in unbelief.

  4. Reblogged this on RG's 2 Cents and commented:
    Thank you, Mustard Seed Budget, for promoting this article exposing a champion of infanticide.

  5. I feel rather sick having read that.

  6. Wow. I can’t bring myself to click “like,” even that it has been reported, though we do need to be aware of how far the devil goes in stealing, killing, and destroying.

  7. I accept abortion under circumstances but never a a means of birth control. It is interesting that Islam says it is not her body, not her embryo, not her right, not her choice. All things belong to Allah.

  8. Evil flying under the guise of good. Satan’s good at that. God save and help that misguided woman and end her ministry of death.

  9. This is insane. Great article thanks Mustard Seed Budget.

  10. Wow. So sad.
    I just read and reviewed Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s book. It is a powerful story that more should read – no matter where they stand on the issue of abortion. https://lightenough.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/the-hand-of-god-by-dr-bernard-nathanson-the-abortion-king-who-changed-his-mind-book-review/

  11. how can someone loose so much touch with their humanity that they begin to see murder as a normal thing? normal enough for a woman to use an unborn baby’s life as a clap back to what she perceives to be patriarchal oppression?
    Truth Zombie

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