Mum shut out by school, clinic, courts from helping her son not rush into gender change

Anmarie_CalgaroA divorced mother was completely left out of the decision-making process while her teenage son, living on his own, sought and obtained help from the school and health authorities to “transition” to the female gender.

Anmarie Calgaro, of Iron Junction, Minnesota, was shocked in November to learn that her son was taking female hormone therapy, a year-long process prior to a “gender-reassignment” surgery — all aided by government agencies who never bothered to consult or inform her.

Just last week, a federal judge dismissed her lawsuit as “meritless.” She had sued doctors, social services and the St. Louis County School District for usurping her rights and responsibilities as a parent.

ejk“We are pleased that this outcome supports her (the “transgender” teen’s) access to essential health care and other critical service,” said Asaf Orr, an attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Transgender Youth Project in San Francisco who aided the minor.

Enter the government. Exit the family.

Now 17, the youth, identified in court documents as E.J.K., “came out” as gay at age 13 and moved in with his dad — with permission from his mom — at age 15. But when his father was jailed, he moved in with relatives and friends and eventually got his own apartment.

E.J.K. portrayed his parents in court documents as unstable and substance-abusing, saying his mother became abusive after he told her he was homosexual. Later, the mom didn’t want to have anything to do with him when he lived on his own, he alleged.

But Calgaro said this portrayal is a distortion that was coached by gay activists.

“The news that county agencies and health service providers, the school, and other county and state officers were completely bypassing me came as a total shock.” Calgaro said in the UK Daily Mail. “Why wasn’t I even notified?”

In November, Calgaro sued for financial damages the school district, the principal of her son’s high school, the director of the county’s Health and Human Services agency and two nonprofit health clinics. Calgaro also wanted to regain parental control of E.J.K. and prevent healthcare providers from offering any further treatment.

At the center of the case was whether E.J.K. became an “emancipated” minor, a legal term for a teenager who has earned the right to act as adult on his own behalf due to abuse, neglect or criminal activity of parents. Gay advocates argued that E.J.K. qualified under Minnesota law because he had rented his own apartment, worked a job while studying in high school and essentially took care of himself.

But this “emancipation” was never granted by court order, Life Site News reported.

“If there had been a court order of emancipation, then Anmarie would have received notice and an opportunity to be heard,” Calgaro’s attorney Erick Kaardal of the Thomas More Society explained. “The U.S. Constitution says that parental rights are fundamental rights, that can’t be terminated without due process.

“Her minor child has been piloted by third parties through a life-changing, permanent body-altering process by organizations that have no legal authority over him, and that have denied his own mother access,” Kaardal said. Read the rest of: mom lost suit transgender son.

10 responses to “Mum shut out by school, clinic, courts from helping her son not rush into gender change

  1. Want a real shocker ? A female in US that is a minor can get a legal abortion not only without parent consent but even without parental notification. This is a complete denial of parental rights and responsibilities and this is how powerful the abortion lobby is. It has made this permissiveness legal. They say involving parents limits a woman’s right to choose. Astonishing. As a teacher with clinic at school we could not even give a kid a Tylenol without parental consent. A teen could die in an abortion clinic. Who is responsible then ? The parents ? I bet the parents will be prosecuted not the clinic.

  2. This is heartbreaking. We must hold fast to our parental rights. I can’t imagine the painful chain of events that led to this outcome. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Isn’t this sad? Thanks for sharing the story. It can be so hard on parents these days, we have all of the responsibility but our authority has been revoked. To make matters worse, there are people with agendas preying on our kids. So the deck is really stacked against you.

  4. Heartbreaking indeed. The thief indeed comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. However, He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world!

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  6. Truly a sobering and tragic story. Perhaps as much about the impact of responsibility by parents and the impact of both divorce and substance abuse as well as the confusion that leads​ a child to make this kind of drastic change.

  7. So sad I’m praying

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