Gonzalez’ tenure denial shows universities close ranks to exclude Christians regardless of their credentials

250px-Guillermo_GonzalezGuillermo Gonzalez’s rise in astrophysics was meteoric, but when he openly espoused Intelligent Design, a scientific theory that allows for God’s involvement in creation, his university dumped him.

Gonzalez had written 68 scholarly articles for peer-reviewed scientific journals, including important work on the Galactic Habitable Zone concept. The Chronicle of Higher Education noted that he had at the assistant professor level “amassed a better publication record than almost any other member of the astronomy faculty,” according to Jeff Schloss on Counterbalance.

Nevertheless, when Gonzalez came up for tenure approval in 2007 at Iowa State University, he was denied.

Just prior to his tenure review, a petition disavowing Intelligent Design had garnered signatures from 130 Iowa State faculty members who feared “the negative impact of Intelligent Design on the integrity of science and on our university.”

gonzalez-denied-tenure-for-view-of-intelligent-designIt used to be that “free-thinker” meant you weren’t “constrained” to follow a biblical world view. But now, university professors are compelled within a rigid atheistic orthodoxy. Academic freedom is a slogan being emptied of meaning.

Some controversy ensued after Gonzalez was denied tenure. University officials superficially denied that his faith factored into his firing. They said his publishing had declined and he had not won funding for research. But the Des Moines Register obtained emails through a request for public records that indicated that the controversy over Intelligent Design was indeed a factor.

As early as 2005, there were emails discussing how Gonzalez’ belief in Intelligent Design might adversely affect his candidacy for tenure. Iowa State Physics Professor John Hauptman even noted that the anti-Gonzalez sentiments were “starting to smack of a witch’s hanging.” Read the rest of Gonzales’ tenure denial.

10 responses to “Gonzalez’ tenure denial shows universities close ranks to exclude Christians regardless of their credentials

  1. Jesus’ words about people thinking they are serving God by killing believers are fulfilled in many different ways. I pray God’s best for Dr. Gonzalez, and joy in the journey.

  2. Reblogged this on RG's 2 Cents Studios and commented:
    Thanks to “Mustard Seed Budget” for this report of yet another example of the scientific communities’ obsessive stance against Christianity.

  3. Thanks. Shared this. God help us.

  4. It seems hypocritical to “like” this and I hope you realize I am liking his integrity and common sense. Praise God for those who stand up for Truth! It is much better to reap God’s praise than man’s. Well done God’s wonderful servant!

  5. Voltaire who was mostly an atheist look at the clock, “l’horloge” or our world and stated that the had to be a clockmaker, “l’horloger”.
    Jesus did not leave a sacred text and did not found a religion.

  6. correction.
    Voltaire, who was mostly an atheist, looked at the clock: “l’horloge,” or our world, and stated that there had to be a clockmaker: “l’horloger”.http://www.montres-de-luxe.com/Le-monde-est-une-horloge-et-cette-horloge-a-besoin-d-un-horloger_a4734.html

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