Mike Pence, a solid Christian influence in the White House

pence trumpWhile at Phi Gamma Delta in college, Mike Pence was intrigued by a fraternity brother’s gold cross — and even more intrigued by what he said about the necklace pendant.

“Remember, Mike, you have got to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck,” his “big brother” told him, according to the New York Times.

karen and mike pencePence, 58, was born into an Irish immigrant family with five other siblings on a farm in the small town of Columbus, Indiana. Along with his three brothers, Pence served as an altar boy at the St. Columba parish church and attended as many as seven days a week. They grew up in Catholic school.

When he went off to Hanover College, a small liberal arts college in Indiana, he began to feel drawn to a more intimate, less ritualistic, approach to God.

Christian-vice-president“I began to meet young men and women who talked about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” he told CBN. “That had not been a part of my experience.”

At a Christian music festival in the spring of 1978 in Kentucky, he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord and was born again.

Still, his heartstrings remained firmly entrenched with his Catholic upbringing. He called himself an “evangelical Catholic” and even considered the priesthood as a career path.

“He was part of a movement of people, I’ll call it, who had grown up Catholic and still loved many things about the Catholic Church, but also really loved the concept of having a very personal relationship with Christ,” said Patricia Bailey, who, along with her husband Mark, worked at the Pence law firm in the 1980s in Indianapolis. Pence and Mark started every day with prayer at the firm.

In law school at Indiana University, Pence met Karen, who became his wife. As their relationship turned serious, she bought a gold cross with the word “Yes” engraved on it and carried it around in her purse to be ready for the inevitable proposition. Pence calls her “his prayer warrior.” The couple has three children.

In the political arena, Pence was a Democrat. His heroes were fellow Irish American John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. But as the Democratic Party fully embraced abortion, the man who grew up a staunch Catholic found himself feeling betrayed.

After voting for Jimmy Carter in 1980, he became attracted to the politics of Ronald Reagan. He never looked back.

After two failed campaigns for Congress, Pence won election in 2000 and served in the House of Representatives until 2011. He proved himself a man of convictions, not a political opportunist, and threw his support behind the Tea Party Movement. He declared he was willing to shut down the federal government in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood, the IndyStar reported. Read the rest of Mike Pence Christian.

15 responses to “Mike Pence, a solid Christian influence in the White House

  1. Good report of a good reason to support the current administration! I also enjoyed some of the other articles that appeared in the sidelines when I read the full article. The devil indeed does all he can to suppress Godly news, so blessings on those who promote it!

  2. I have a lot of respect for Mike Pence and wish he could be a little more in the limelight.

  3. There should be person like Mike Pence in every government

  4. Solid background on one of the true honorable politicians influencing our nation. We need to keep lifting leaders like Pence up in prayer. May he stand strong in his convictions as he continues to lead with his faith.

  5. Reblogged this on RG's 2 Cents Studios and commented:
    Thanks to “Mustard Seed Budget” for this article on Mike Pence.

  6. Thanks! Good to know facts. “You have to wear The Cross in your heart before you wear it around your neck.” That’s great!

  7. Didn’t know Mike Pence came from an immigrant family background. I learned something new today! I mean I guess one could argue that everyone comes from an immigrant background if you go back enough. But didn’t know it was a recent move for the Pence family. Mike is a solid guy. He gained my respect from the moment he had his first debate against Tim Kaine. The guy came off super poised and experienced. Unlike Kaine..

  8. What a wonderful story of salvation and leadership. I pray our nation will see the power of God through such an upright example like Pence.

  9. I am very sad to read any posts which feel that only one or two issues are more important than health care, Medicaid and breakfasts and lunches for hungry children. Pence is not my ideal for a well rounded, open minded person. Sadly, he has not read the New Testament about loving your neighbor. Judge not lest you’ll be judged. Thank God, my Dad died, went to Heaven and came back so I can believe that forgiveness is still part of Jesus’ plan for those who believe.
    Pence is against gays, against other aspects of Planned Parenthood. Free pap smears, contraceptives for married people of low income. My mother and other elderly people count on Medicaid. Sadly, many nursing homes count on funding. For some reason they feel these are showing “entitlement.”

    • I want to thank you for your comments because they add balance to these issues. Honestly, until you told me the other day, I really didn’t know that Planned Parenthood did anything other than murder babies. I’d be all in favor of helping with other health care issues if their central mission were not murder.

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  11. Two elderly Catholics were more on fire for God when I was 17 – just graduated from high school, than most of the younger, non-Catholic ppl I knew!! The Saints were ALL that way too! No shortage of on fire Catholics…I felt the same way growing up Protestant. 🙂

  12. Love this blog, I love reading about American politics, I am from Australia and amazingly who leads you country leads the world. I run a blog at mcdowellblessings.com I will follow your site. I would love you to guest blog on my site as well.

    blessings Michael McDowell

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