Christianity exploding in Iran despite efforts of government to stamp it out

Christians-mark-2014-at-Sarkis-Church-in-Tehran-4-HRChaffing under repressive Islam, young Iranians are secretly turning to Christ in record numbers, and Iranian-born Shahrokh Afshar wanted to be part of the revival. So he filmed 13 programs for young people and offered them to SAT7, which broadcasts Christian programming into Iran via satellite.

“Iran is 25% 14 years or younger. Iran has the largest number of drug addicts per capita in the world. Alcoholism, prostitution. The economy sucks; it’s like 15% unemployment,” Afshar said. “Life is very very hard for the average young Iranian. There wasn’t much being done as far as programs are concerned to reach out to these kids.”

christians-in-underground-church-in-iranIran has the fastest-growing evangelical population in the world (estimated at 19.6% by Operation World in 2015), despite an atrocious human rights record against people who abandon Islam, according to Christian Today. In fact, the explosive growth has overloaded the religious police.

A network of underground home churches thrives, and at least six satellite stations broadcast Christian programs continually into Iran. Afshar personally knows of 400 house churches with 5000 members. The number of Muslim converts to Christianity was “a handful” before 1971. Now, it is perhaps 1 million.

Afshar’s program, “Clear Like Glass,” cost him $3,000 per episode. Each program includes a funny skit and a frank interview and discussion of taboos in Islam. What people usually hide, Afshar brings to light. He conducted research about his target audience and found they didn’t want just preaching.

Christians in Iran“Clear Like Glass” is being shown over and over again, at least twice a day, Shah said. He is preparing to film another 13 programs.

After the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, Afshar joined three Egyptian pastors and one American to drive from Turkey to Baghdad and find pastors whom they could help. The fact-finding mission was fruitful. He connected with pastors from Iran and even gave them training in Turkey.

“My contacts tell me that they walk into a party and tell people they are Christian, and boom, they have an instant audience. People want to hear more about Christ. It’s very very easy for them to share,” Afshar said. “Of course, it’s dangerous. They can end up in prison very easily. But people are read the rest of Revival in Iran.

12 responses to “Christianity exploding in Iran despite efforts of government to stamp it out

  1. The work of God must be done. The gates of hell cannot prevail.

  2. Hallelujah! I’ve said for the past few years that the solution to a nuclear Iran was a Christian Iran.

  3. I am skeptical of the success of the rise of Christianity especially with the gestapo like suppression of all faiths other than Islam. But the article seems factual. It is said that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Is this due to birthrate or conversion ? This rise in Christianity is comforting and I understand our faith is growing in China too. Christ has promised us that he will prevail. Mohammed as God’s prophet ? No man that made war and slew people in battle can be God’s prophet.

  4. Praise God! History is being made.

  5. Glory be to God.

  6. Hallelujah 🙌 🙌 🙌 upon this rock I will build my ⛪ church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I pray for Iran today the word of the Lord will grow mightily and prevail. That the Lord will will protect the Believers in Christ, deliver those being persecuted. And the rest of the unsaved will come to the knowledge of Jesus in Iran, the entire Middle East and the world at large. AMEN!

  7. Thank you for sharing this uplifting Message, God does indeed work everything for good in the lives of those who Love Him and He knows those who do and will Love Him, He knows our Hearts.

    Christian Love and Blessings- Anne.

  8. Oh, praise God! Super cool to see the light of Jesus shining through the darkness.

  9. What a wonderful thing to read.

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