The meaning of meaninglessness

imagesActually, snorting condoms makes perfect sense. As does chewing Tide pods. Along with cutting.

After all, if there is no meaning to life, then why not engage in something meaningless? If an attempt to find value shows your stupidity, then all we have left is getting attention through stupid means.

Atheists will bristle at my mockery, but their insistence that morality is an evolved feature — along humanity’s unusual drive for significance — is absurd. There is no evolutionary sense of morality or man’s quest for importance. Deprive man of God, and you get teens snorting condoms.

images-1And please, my dear atheist friends, don’t tell the gunman plowing down schoolchildren that he is inherently or obviously wrong. What is obvious is that there are no morals, no values, nothing. That is all atheism has to offer: nothing. There is no noble sense to humanity, no purpose, no beauty, no humanity. We are just an evolved species, and the evolutionary economy makes no judgements on killing another animal: it is the way of the alpha male.

You have kicked God out of schools, so kids are turning to insanity to imbue their lives with some semblance of the significance you robbed out of life. Enjoy the fruits of your labors. You have been working for decades through the media you dominate, through Hollywood and through government to cast doubt on God, the Bible, absolute moral codes, eternity and significance. It is working.

downloadBut the end of atheism is not humanism — the betterment of humanity through human effort. The product of atheism is selfishness.

Are there any hospitals around the world founded by atheists? No. But there are countless ones founded by Christians.

This is not to say that atheists are good at nothing. In addition to specializing in selfishness, they are good at sniping at people of faith. It is their delight to wield logical arguments that ridicule the obvious, that all of creation has a Creator. I have seen friends fall from faith under their onslaught. I am not a perfect Christian, nor do I arrogantly pretend to have all the answers. But I know there is a God. And I know He forgives me of my sins and offers me eternal life. I’m not letting go of that. To do so would be surrender to meaninglessness.

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  1. I’m a little sad you wrote this. I am NOT an atheist, but I’m not sure I entirely agree with your assessment. There’s an underlying anger to your voice — fair enough — but as a person who believes in God, I embrace even atheists and I cannot blame them for the stupidity that transpires in our society. The sad truth is, a lot of those stupid acts — are coming from supposedly “God-fearing” people. And, yes, I’m biased — I live and work in Hollywood — it’s just too easy a scapegoat. For all the bad things Hollywood may do and does, there is like any industry, great things too. I think the worst thing we can do as “believers” (may I say that way to include all faiths?) is to not judge others who are not like us. Instead, love them anyways and pray for them. I believe in evolution. I just believe there was a grand creator behind it.

    • no anger, just appalled by the arguments the atheists say

    • if i come off strong, it is because i’m trying to provoke thought from people who pride themselves on being “free” thinkers

      • I think I understand what you’re saying. But, there is a sense of “we” are better than “them” in this. So what there are hospitals created/run by Christians… there are many other things in the world that are not and are crucial and beneficial to humanity. Simply, Jesus would never look down upon another to make his point. Jesus would never need to step upon someone else’s misunderstandings to change a mind. Look, sometimes when we try to force people to see our point of view we, instead box them in a corner and they have no other reaction but to be defensive. If I am love, but I tell you that you are NOT love, how is that love?

        Hollywood is an interesting place. It is full or so many creative people — both beautiful and… not so much. But you know what else? Christians are also both beautiful and loving people — and some, not so much. I am always struck by how many times I fail to be more like Jesus and less like a “regular” ‘ole human. Don’t be appalled by what atheists say. Try and walk in their shoes, see it — as best you can — from their point of view and then talk to them from there. Walk them through from there.

        I certainly am NO ONE to be telling YOU how to minister, how to teach. My apologies if I come across condescending or in any disrespectful way at all… but I feel safe here to share my thoughts and I thank you for that. My fear of course, is that in your attempt to provoke thought by “free” thinkers, that you do little else in possibly helping someone – an atheist – see a different perspective. And that to me, would be a shame.

  2. Well said. We should consider King David’s thoughts:

    The wicked, in the haughtiness of his countenance, does not seek Him. All his thoughts are, “There is no God.”

    And again:

    The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”

    As you say, there is a God and He does forgive our sins through the blood of Jesus.

    Be blessed.

  3. This is well said. I sometimes say there is only one alpha and omega, the author and finisher of our faith. Anytime we try to be the evolutionary alpha, we’re heading for trouble, because our ways are simply not as good as His ways.

  4. Atheists don’t necessarily think life is “meaningless” (of course there are some who do);
    Not believing in souls or theism does not mean believing life is meaningless.

    But just to put it out there, it is not inherently negative to view life as meaningless.
    We give meaning into our own lives, and people who view life as meaningless without intentional meaning added to it, are not gothic, depressed, self-harming or harming to others; it is simply a world view.

    Viewing life as naturally meaningless does not hinder one’s ability to have a meaningful life.
    It is the self’s responsibility to make their life meaningful.

    • This is a very good observation and helpful discussion. I think what I am trying to say is exactly the same: Deprived of God, society is deprived of meaning, and therefore each person assigns his own meaning to existence, BUT no one meaning is any better than another. So if the massacre-ist finds meaning in killing others, his world view is equally legitimate. this is what we come to if we tear down absolutes like the Bible.

      • I disagree that the Christian bible is an inherent absolute; the Christian bible is not an authority to so many people, who don’t kill or harm others.
        Laws and compassionate human nature/common sense dictate not to unjustifiably kill or harm others. This applies to everyone, Christian or not.

  5. Good piece, Mike. I was thinking back to my freshman biology class, I was just 14. I grew up in the Catholic Church but wasn’t at all prepared for counter arguments for the lessons in evolution. I remember choosing to accept the belief in evolution and it was freeing at the time. I felt that, if evolution was true, I was free to basically do whatever I chose, sex, drugs… I became a fool, pleasure became my god.
    Since making a commitment to follow Christ, I went back and reexamined those “proofs” of evolution and discovered that many have since been tossed out because they were later proven to be false or the teaching conflated micro and macro (Darwinian) evolution i.e., claiming that the changing beaks of Darwin’s finches were proof of macroevolution, which is an outright lie.
    Needless to say, my daughters were taught counter-arguments to evolution before freshman year.
    Jesus gave meaning to my life.

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    Totally agree with this post from “Mustard Seed Budget”.

  7. Here we are in the middle, my friend. It is just as difficult to make Christians (who haven’t had to debate the absurd arguments of the most fierce non believers) understand the need to come on a little strong, as it is to convince the more moderate atheists that we as Christians are indeed under fire. This post was actually very refreshing to me. You are making your stand, and I applaud that.

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  9. I appreciate and agree with your post. (Also, thanks for correcting “derive” to “deprive.” I was about to write you about that!)

  10. well, Pastor Mike, glad that a pastor agrees with my post here: Always curious that a Christian would agree with what I’ve said, I wonder what your flock would say. As for your claims “You have kicked God out of schools, so kids are turning to insanity to imbue their lives with some semblance of the significance you robbed out of life.” For what is supposedly an omnipotent being, this poor god can be stopped by a human, per Pastor Mike. Not much of a god, is it? It’s nice to see you make such claims, when this god can’t even protect its own churches and keep its priests and pastors from abusing children, embezzling, etc right where it supposedly can get in where it wants. As usual, you are so desperate to bear false witness against others, you dont’ think your claims through.

    • There is much to criticize in Christianity. But is society a better, healthier, safer place now that the atheists are holding greater sway?

      • Yep, since people don’t get burned at the stake for not agreeing with theists, people don’t think that disease is because some magical being is angry with you, that anyone who disagrees with a certain religion deserves to die, that one sex is less than equal to the other, etc. It’s not perfect with more secular laws but it is better than laws based on nonsense, in which certain people want to convince others that they need to pay them to be “saved” and where even Christians can’t agree on what their god wants.

        I’m very glad to see that you disagree with your religion and your god, which supposedly started the whole thing. Or is it that you are like most Christians and are sure that you and only you have the right version, ready to attack any version that doesn’t agree with yours and who has no more evidence than the next that his version is right?

      • Mike, do you remember making this claim “ok, let me say that I am fully in favor of science, medical treatment and secular government.”

      • And to go back to our earlier discussion, secular laws and less theists in charge hopefully means that no more theists fly planes into buildings. You claimed that your god stuck bible pages on a rock rather than save people. This why the world is better, we can stand up to people with such ridiculous gods and we can point out when they lie about atheists like you have.

        • Vel, nice to meet you. I don’t know how to fly. So you won’t have to worry about that one.

          • oh we’ve met before. And it isn’t just flying that can make theists dangerous. We have them bombing physicians, and threatening to harm people when they dare speak the truth about their new saviors Trump and Pence. You might not be the danger, but the next theist might. However, we still don’t know why you would think your god can take the time to decoupage pages on a piece of debris and not bother helping those who were burned to death, who leapt to their death to avoid burning, and who were crushed when the towers fell.

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    Nothing like watching a TrueChristian(tm) do his best to bear false witness against others and have no clue about cause and effect. It’s a shame that Pastor Mike does claim to have all of the answers and claim that only his version of Christianity is the right one, with not one more shred of evidence than those who he decries. I am glad that he does admit that atheists wield logical arguments against his claims.

  13. Amen! Thank you! I am sharing this in as many places as I can. Way to go!

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    Sharing this from Mustard Seed. Truth to the max. Thank you, Mustard Seed.

  15. Thank you for this Mike! Liked and subbed. My name is Knox. This is just great! The snorting condoms had me on the ground. I laugh honestly because I don’t know what else to think! My generation is a crazy one for sure 🙂 I haven’t fully publicized my WordPress yet but am going to focus it on defending the Christian faith we have in common using science, archaeology, and personal experiences. I share the site with four friends. We are all different professionally and have different perspectives to bring to the table (minister, biologist, teacher and doctor). Would love for you to check it out when you can. May God bless you brother in Christ!

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