Atheism Kills compares deaths by Christianity vs. deaths by atheism

Barak LurieThe next time an atheist accuses Christianity of being responsible for untold mass murder throughout history, point out to him that atheism in the 20th Century alone has killed 200 million people.

“Godlessness kills,” says Barak Lurie in his new book Atheism Kills. “Godlessness has resulted in far more mayhem and murders than all Judeo-Christian religion institutions combined. There is no comparison. Virtually every culture that has rejected God has collapsed or engaged in horrific mayhem. By contrast, virtually all cultures grounded on the Judeo-Christian tradition have flourished.”

Atheistic governments, seeking to impose their vision of utopia, feel compelled to eliminate any and all opposition, according to research from Atheism Kills:

  • The French Revolution: up to 40,000 deaths.
  • Stalin: 20 million deaths.
  • Mao Tse-tung: up to 70 million deaths.
  • Fidel Castro: up to 141,000 deaths.
  • Ho Chi Minh: up to 100,000 deaths.
  • Pol Pot: 2 million deaths.
  • Kim Il-sung: 1.5 million deaths.
  • Hitler: 11 million deaths.


killing of mao zedong

Victims of the atheistic Mao Tse-tung regime

The list goes on. “Being an atheist dictator advancing atheist doctrine has always led to brutality and killings,” Lurie observes.


By comparison, what is the tally of the bloodbath supposedly orchestrated by Christianity?

  • The Spanish Inquisition: up to 5,000 killed.
  • The Crusades: 1 million killed.
  • The Salem Witch Trials: 19 killed.
  • The Ku Klux Klan: 3,446 killed.
  • Religious wars post Reformation: 11 million.


killing fields of choeung ek

Skulls from Cambodia’s “killing fields,” victims of the atheistic Pol Pot regime

“Atheism killed hundreds of millions in the span of only 30 years,” Lurie writes. “The number of killings on (the alleged) behalf of Christianity (are) minor in comparison and ranged over approximately 800 years.”


Lurie decided to become an atheist at age 11 when he stumbled across the clever arguments atheists wield to crush. Then he went to college and rediscovered God through philosophy classes.

Fyodor Dostoevsky was instrumental to his floundering faith in atheism. The Russian novelist explored the consequences of atheism — the resulting absence of all morals — in Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov.

“It was he who first made me see the dangerous world of my own atheism,” Lurie writes. “His books show the consequences of living according to dangerous believes.” Read  the rest about Atheism Kills.


19 responses to “Atheism Kills compares deaths by Christianity vs. deaths by atheism

  1. WOW! I didn’t know this. I am just not well versed in this area but how fascinating. And, can I just mention — as a woman of color it’s so hard to even associate the KKK as “Christian” in any sense of the word. But I guess you can say that about many.

  2. This points up the dangers of intellectual conceit. If you think you’re “the smartest person in the room,” discounting God who is infinitely smarter than any human, then you start thinking anything you want to do is OK.

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  4. Wow. I didn’t read the book, but this blog has used the greatest example of shoddy research, misleading use of terminology, and bad statistics I have ever seen.
    1) You either don’t understand what atheism means, or you’re intentionally equivocating the term with something else. Saying atheism does anything is nonsensical, like a non-football player loosing the football game for your team. It’s just ridiculous.
    2) I don’t care how many times you try to say it, Hitler did not operate an “atheist” government, nor did he espouse atheism. To the contrary, he invoked the Christian god in his speeches, he blamed the Jews, his officers wore buttons that said “god with us” on them, and his first peace treaty was with the Vatican.
    3) French Revolution? Really? That was a revolt against absolute monarchy. At best, you could say Protestant revolters fought against the Catholic Church.
    4) The author obviously did no research at all into world conflict. He missed dozens more examples where people killed in the name of Christianity. He forgot to mention, for example, the Central African Republic, where Christians hacked Muslims up with machetes. He forgot to mention Northern Ireland, where Protestants and Catholics were at war for 30 years.
    4) The author has cherry picked Communist leaders as a representative sample of atheist governments. These leaders abolished religion in order to direct absolute loyalty to them, and them alone. It wasn’t about religion, it was about absolute power.
    5) No mention of Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, or Japan, which are the top 5 least religious countries in the world, hovering around 15%. That’s 85% atheist. All of these countries also top the charts of the most peaceful countries, and also top the charts for all measures of societal health.
    6) And let’s not forget the small ways that Christianity kills people. Not allowing condoms to be sent to AIDS-ridden Africa killed countless people. The support of U.S. slavery was based entirely on two things- tradition and the Bible. Christians that forego medical treatment in favor of prayer, and then die. Christian terrorist organizations.

    So, my review of this book is simple. It was written by someone that did almost no research, cherry picked information, is ignorant of basic statistics, and is therefore completely unreliable as policy information at best, and completely wrong as most likely.

  5. Thank you for your post. However, I have to point out that the deaths you have mentioned have hardly any relationships to atheism! When we talk about deaths caused by christianity, I don’t talk about Spanish civil war, do I? No! Because those wars had other motives! Now, Christianity and other religions have killed in the name of religion. Take crusades for example when the deaths are all in the name of religion. The invaders killed others simply because they did not follow the same religion as them! Also, Hitler was not an atheist!

  6. I think the brutality of Christianity would outweigh your stats (even if they were right) if they had the means of the modern era. There was nothing more brutal and grotesque than abrahamic religions war on the indigenous populations.

  7. Estimated death in the name of Christianity alone are around 700 Million. Hitler was a Christian. You know if you have to lie to support your belief in God, you’re not a very good Christian. Also, no one kills in the name of atheism. They may have caused many deaths, but their lack of belief in God had little or nothing to do with the deaths they caused.

    • Hitler hated Christian so how can he be a Christian only think be believe was the Aryan was better than everybody else

  8. This debate is dead. Absolutely no one has ever killed in the name of atheism. No one has storm the battlefield and said for atheism. no one has chopped off the heads burned people at the stake or killed first born sons in the name of atheism. Stalin wasn’t killing for atheism. See when women were burned at the stake it was because God demanded it. First born sons killed… For god. So your argument is null and void

  9. Mustardseed, Your failure to actually address the criticisms of your post shows that you are not interested in actual discussion. Yes, many dictatorships persecute religions, but it is not because they are atheist, it is because they want to eliminate any other authorities that could gain the loyalty of the people and be able to challenge them. North Korea a great example that is going on today. On paper, there is no official religion in NK, so you would likely classify them as atheists. But just reading the rhetoric coming from the Kim regime, you see many miracles ascribed to the Kims and titles like Dear Leader, showing that NK has redirected the people’s religious fervor to worship Kim Il Sung and his heirs as living gods. The same can be said of all of the regimes that you have listed above.

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