Jewish atheist found God trying to disprove Him

atheism-to-judaism-barak-lurie-350x275All of 11 years old, Barak Lurie embarked on a Socratic quest to discover truth, concluded there was no God, and pronounced himself an atheist.

“It’s a very easy thing for a child to become an atheist because it is a childish philosophy. If you come to the belief that you can’t see, hear, smell or touch God one way or the other, and then say, ‘Well, I can’t see Him. Therefore, He doesn’t exist,’” Lurie says.

But at Stanford University something unexpected happened: while many students watch their faith wither away under the unrelenting scorn of professors, Lurie, who is Jewish, found God.

Surprisingly, it happened as he undertook an undergraduate honors thesis to document the wicked massacres of organized religion.

barak-lurie-atheism-350x335What his research found was that atheism was responsible for 10 times more killings than Christianity: about 200 million in the last 80 years.

Ultimately, Lurie, now 54, who is a profitable real estate/ business lawyer in a well-heeled Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, turned his undergraduate research into an Amazon best-seller, Atheism Kills, published in 2017.

Lurie was not raised in an observant Jewish home. While his parents believed in God, they didn’t impose faith on their son and attended synagogue only once a year, he says. His parents emphasized deep thinking and didn’t push him to replicate their faith.

“It’s not as if I read Nietzsche at age 11. It wasn’t any one influence that brought me to atheism. It was the lack of influences. Atheism is almost a natural state. If you’re not raised with God or Jesus, depending on your faith, you can easily end up with atheism in your pocket,” Lurie notes. “It was unique about me that I was very interested in God one way or another. I just chose not to believe in Him. I felt that one needed to take a stand on it.”

atheism-killsHe lived in Connecticut at the time and attended a “very good” public school, where they rarely talked about God, if only to mock Him. Lurie brandished “a very poignant, very deep atheism.”

“I was very into it. I could argue it. I wanted to find arguments for my atheism.” I pushed it by talking to other people about it. I would ask them, ‘Do you believe in God? Why do you believe in God? Isn’t that silly? Don’t you feel that God is just the caboose in a long line of other gods that were summarily rejected over time?”

His parents had a mild reaction to his lack of faith. “My dad felt that organized religion was detrimental to society,” Lurie says.

He journaled logical arguments against God and scoured Ayn Rand, the renowned American atheist. His atheism flourished ever stronger.

Then he studied economics and humanities at Stanford. Oddly enough, it was his choice of thesis that brought him back to God. Lurie set out to prove the famous atheist mantra; that religion has been responsible for the deaths of untold millions.

“I set out to prove it,” he says. “And as I set out to prove it, within two weeks of deep research I realized, ‘Man, I am really wrong on this.’ It was the weirdest feeling. It was an embarrassed feeling. I realized the information was right in front of me all this time. It wasn’t hard to find.”

But seeing that religion had been good and atheism had been bad throughout history didn’t mean God existed. He kept pondering and questioning. Continue reading about Jewish atheist turned to God.

7 responses to “Jewish atheist found God trying to disprove Him

  1. When I am down and doubting I like to watch these testimonies:

  2. and we get to see more false claims about atheism; I guess we’re the only group some Christians and Jews think they can lie about without repercussions. Lurie ignores a rather basic truth about mass killings. They are committed by megalomaniacs, who may, or may not be, atheists. Not all atheists are megalomanias nor are we all nihilists, another thing that Mike tries to claim we are, bearing false witness. We have popes and pious kings and queens do as much or more killing than atheists, indeed murdering the Christians they don’t agree with.

    Mike, again you’ve done a great job of showing how you rely on false claims, of your own and of others, to try to pretend that atheists are awful people. That is enough to show that Christianity itself is no basis for morality if it doesn’t teach you not to lie about others.

    • Meglomaniacs are the ones who crave power. Not all meglomaniacs kill. But if they have an atheistic outlook on life, they believe they are god, entitled to do whatever they please, because they don’t answer to anyone. There is no god.

      • Not all megalomaniacs are atheists. Hitler wasn’t, funny how he mentioned God in his writings, had “Gott Mitt Uns” on his soldiers, etc. Let’s see, how many popes were megalomaniacs, insisting that they could murder? We have lovely Martin Luther insisting that he didnt have to listen to anyone and we have protestant kings and queens murdering too, saying that they were not under any one, and making up that their god agreed with them. Funny how this god did nothing to disuade them and funny how your bible says that any wordly leader is there because of your god. Again, your excuses fail. You try to bear false witness about atheists, and show that your religion is no great objective moral icon with believers like you.

  3. Thanks so much. Having come from a home where I was allowed to be an atheist and forbidden to be a Christian,this has deep meaning for me. God bless you.

  4. Thanks. Always good news.

    Real Christianity, of course, is not responsible for any deaths.

    Blessings to you.

  5. You would think god wouldn’t of made all these wars part of his divine plan. Basically if you believe in god you have confessed that all is as it should be. Of course if you believe in the Abrahamic god, and if it’s free will then we have to delete the all knowing part. Typical mess!

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