Sex robots will only further degrade our society

lovedollsIf you worry about the broad esplanade of pornography on the Internet, you’d better don your battle gear for the next chapter of the sexual revolution about to hit America.

Sex robots — which are becoming surprisingly more realistic than the inflatable dolls of yesteryear — will unravel the fabric of society more than ever before, according to observers both Christian and non-Christian.

Jewish ethicist Barak Lurie believes sex robots will be a greater threat to young people than iPhones or video games.factory sex robots

“You and I will have friends — mostly male — who are living with sex robots. And they will appear to be as lifelike as you can imagine, and they will have ‘relationships’ with these sex robots because they will be as beautiful as they want them to be, they will be as sexy as they want them to be, and as submissive as they want them to be,” Lurie says.

Robots were supposed to do our household chores. Not this.

sex-robotArguably, smartphones and pervasive pornography have significantly unhinged male social skills and upended traditional courtship. Why “work” at impressing women when you have an endless, easy supply of them over the Internet, Lurie says.

He says sex robots will degrade the social fabric even further. “One of the greatest impetuses for men to produce and to grow and to be productive members of society is, yeah, sex,” Lurie says. “When you take that impetus away — that main impetus that we have to achieve, to try new things, to explore and conquer — then he’s just going to stay in momma’s basement.”

sex robots a christian response

James Young explored the theme on BBC.

Sex robots “will be worse (than porn) because they will create the illusion of a relationship, the illusion of actually tactile, skin to skin contact — which is very important for men,” Lurie warns. “It will give them the illusion that they are not just playing with themselves… that they’re losers.”

Sex robots — alternatively called sex dolls — will appeal because they don’t say no to a man, because they can’t accuse a man of rape or harassment and because they require no winsomeness to woo female emotions, Lurie says.

James Young is a BBC presenter who loves technology because robotics replaced two limbs he lost in a train accident. But in his recent documentary, “The Future of Sex | Sex Robots and Us,” he asks a disturbing question: “Could there be a darker side to AI (Artificial Intelligence)?”

sex robots christian response“What effects might having sex with a robot have on men who use them?” he asks. “Could they create negative behaviors in men towards real women?”

Those questions haunt Noel Sharkey, a computer scientist and professor at the University of Sheffield, co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics. The burgeoning sex robot industry unsettles him.

“It creates an attitude of too easy sex because it’s always available,” Sharkey notes. “Although I love AI, I struggle that we must try to maintain a human culture, what is meaningful to us. We’re doing all these things with machines because we can and not really thinking about the societal impact and that this could completely change humanity and take meaning out of our lives and turn us into zombies. Read the rest of Christian perspective on sex robots.

14 responses to “Sex robots will only further degrade our society

  1. Crazy world we live in! Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  2. OMG. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Horrifying. I agree with Bill!

  3. Though unsurprising for a techie like me, this is very sad. How like the devil to convince us to destroy ourselves!

  4. Disturbing. Deeply disturbing.

  5. So sick…Lord have mercy

  6. I don’t think we are giving our men enough credit. They are not mindless sex fiends with no other motivation to live outside of sex.

  7. Not forgetting it degrades the entire institution of marriage that God creates! May God forgive these people for they know not what they are doing. 😦

  8. What would I give?

    “Could they create negative behaviors in men towards real women?


    If porn effects how men see women, of course a lifelike robotic doll would too.

    Can you imagine a man getting everything with no effort, and then comes across a real women who is full of life, and emotions? Real women naturally challenge men. Challenge because we are different. If a man gets accustom to this doll believing its a woman, naturally that same man would believe thats what a women should be. Any women who comes and challenges him may be met with resentment or possibly violence. That same man could reprogram his brain neurologically to see all women as not fully human. Porn has that effect in men, why the heck wouldn’t a sex doll?

    That inhumanizes women AND the men who I personally believe are selling their souls for this without realizing it.

    My goodness.

  9. Such a terrible path for our culture to travel.

  10. I see a number of religious response that seems negative to the idea of sex robots (understandable) but at the same time may be devoid of understanding (disappointing).

    As a Christian, I see sex robots as a bad solution to human relationships but at the same time, I recognize that this may be the end of prostitution and the sex slave trade.

    Many people seemed righteously outraged by sex robots but at the same time ignore prostitutes walking the streets to survive or the plethora of news announcements on human sex trafficking.

    Robots may be able to do what churches have not, end or reduce the following, rape, sex slaves, prostitution, incest, porn, etc.

    I understand the need to be against something but the best people to oppose something are those who have solutions to the problem, not those riding really high horses.

  11. A very interesting and thought provoking blog raising all sorts of issues . There seems to be no mention of the possibility that robots may have rights and some believe they may become conscious beings. Ray Kurzweil seems to believe this will happen by 2029 , he also suggests that humans with implanted chips will become far more intelligent than normal humans creating a second class citizen group .
    This also has religious repercussions , if it comes to pass , will these living robot beings have souls and respond to Christian redemption?
    Before we get too excited we must step back and take a global perspective , in India twenty million humans defecate outside and a third of humanity survive on $2 per day . Us rich westerners think the world is entering the digital age — think again.

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