3 pigs, 1 wolf and 10 students learn journalism at Lighthouse Christian Academy

high school writing program and student journalismTasked with converting The Three Little Pigs into a journalism article, LCA students show flair and fun.

Two pigs dead, another survived wolf attack

By Jose Hueso and Rachel Post —

Two pigs were eaten and a third successfully defended himself against a ravenous wolf who blew the houses down of the first two pigs yesterday in the woods.

Unable to blow down the third house which was made of bricks, the wolf entered with malicious intent by way of the chimney.

He was unaware that the chimney was booby-trapped. He fell into a pot of boiling water on the fire of the chimney and died. The third pig ate the boiled predator.

The wolf was able to knock down the first two pigs’ houses by blowing with all his might against them. One was made of hay and the other of sticks.

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down,” the wolf threatened.

But huffing and puffing and blowing didn’t work against the house of bricks.

Two pigs dead, wolf gets into hot water

By Joey Catalano, Ryan Zepeda and Zhang Xiao-Tong —

Two pigs were found eaten alive inside a killer wolf’s stomach yesterday in the woods.

Local residents say the wolf was spotted blowing down the two pigs’ houses.

“He was just saying, ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’ to all those poor piggies,” said Julie Rabbit.

The houses were made of sticks and hay. But a third pig escaped unscathed when the wolf attempted unsuccessfully to flatten his brick house.

Foiled in his huffing and puffing, the wolf attempted to get the third pig by shimmying down the chimney. The quick-witted third pig put a pot of boiling water on the fire in the chimney, and the wolf only fell to his death in the hot water.

‘Another brick in the wall’ not a bad thing, pigs learn

By Kiera Sivrican and Wang Jingtong —

A big bad wolf assaulted three little pigs in a rage of hunger yesterday in the woods, blowing two of their three houses down.

The famished wolf left his woods for a meal, when he stumbled on the three pigs, who had just finished building their separate houses as seemed best to each: one of hay, one of sticks, one of bricks. Read the rest of the Los Angeles specialized high school writing program

3 responses to “3 pigs, 1 wolf and 10 students learn journalism at Lighthouse Christian Academy

  1. Oh, I get it. It was supposed to be the Three Little Pigs written like journalism.

    Out of all three, the first posted is the better. Knowing that it’s supposed to be like journalism kind of ruined the literary quality of it, though. It was ringing like a Grimm Fairy Tale for a second. In all honesty, though, I don’t like journalistic styles, so as I realized what the project was, I immediately got turned off.

    However, if this were a journalism project, the kids need to know that they didn’t do the project right. They shouldn’t be putting into the story details, especially emotional ones.

    Frankly, to do a good journalism piece on this, it would be this simple:

    “Two pigs are found dead, after a wolf blew their houses down, says witnesses. A third victim was found, but remains in good health, and no damage was done to his home.”

    Anything beyond that is extraneous details. At least, if I were teaching them.

    • Of course, I don’t normally leave mean replies, but the ethics of journalism preclude someone from adding to a story what isn’t there. Otherwise it’s called “Yellow Journalism”, which, frankly, shouldn’t be celebrated, as it’s right now almost ruining the country.

      • And before someone bashes me for being mean, and saying, “It’s only a school project,” yes. Professors are stuffy for a reason. Because when someone goes out into the real world, they’re going to be writing stories on real people, and not imaginary pigs. Do you want them adding to your story? If they wanted to take a creative writing class, this would be fine as maybe a bizarre excerpt in some Fantasy land’s newspaper— the first story is actually pretty well written and interesting. But, in all truth, I don’t think we should be celebrating this because when I look at Fox or MSNBC I see these kinds of stories in real life, and they consume the entire discourse of the population.

        Just understand my point before you criticize me, is all I’m saying. I’m not saying this is bad writing because the first is pretty well written. It’s just not good journalism, which is very different than creative writing.

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