Take the scenic, not the cynic, route in life

take the scenic route, not the cynic routeIt’s easy to fall into cynicism. There are a lot of injuries, disappoints and heartbreaks in life. Cynicism is a defense mechanism. It only expects bad and judges only bad motives in others.

It is a life devoid of fun. Try to keep a positive outlook, despite the setbacks. Look for joy, beauty and God in everything.

5 responses to “Take the scenic, not the cynic, route in life

  1. Agreed. Attitude is just about everything when it comes to enjoying life.

  2. Amen! I am a total cynic, it’s a daily struggle.

    • I have not known you to be cynical but optimistic. The very writing of your blog is because you believe you can make a difference. Being cynical in one sense is essentially Christian: we hope for the worst because we know that human nature is sinful and capable of falling into diabolical extremes. This is the opposite of the secular humanists whose fundamental text is Diary of Ann Frank, who on the verge of extermination by the Nazis declared her unalterable faith in humanity. So really, your cynicism is your Christianity, and your optimism is your blog writing. Cheers.

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