Start to live

We all die, not all of us live

The Declaration of Independence enshrined “the pursuit of happiness,” but lately Americans have deified it to the point of banality. In the quest for fun (money, pleasure, entertainment, etc.), almost everybody comes up short.

In the end, Jesus gives greater satisfaction than all the world’s schemes. Don’t arrive at the end of your life, never having started it. Today, receive Jesus and discover true love, true meaning, true purpose.

7 responses to “Start to live

  1. I tell people all the time, particularly in marriage counseling, that the more you pursue self-centered “happiness,” the more it escapes you. It is only when you seek God first, and then the good of those around you, that you really discover true happiness for yourself.

  2. This is soooo true. I would like to repost with your permission.

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